Haiti more than a hundred prisoners escaped with the police exchanged several casualties (Figure) 残清1864

Haiti hundred prisoners escape police exchanged fire with the number of casualties (Figure) original title: Haiti hundred prisoners escape police exchanged fire with the number of casualties in Haiti local time on October 22nd, a local prison prisoner escapes, more than 100 prisoners escaped, they escorted to the bathing area in the process of overpowered the guards took the opportunity to escape in October 23 Beijing Xinhua News Agency   in Port Au Prince: the northern Haiti prison; a prison, local 22, hundreds of prisoners collective prison break. Prisoners exchanged fire with the police in prison, including several people, including police casualties. The incident occurred in the northern part of the country’s black town (aka Arcahaie) at a prison in the town, about 50 km from Haiti’s capital Port Au Prince. At present, the Haiti authorities are UN peacekeeping assistance, start looking for action. According to the authorities in Haiti said the incident, officials are preparing to let in the temporary prison inmates out of the bath, but riot. The prisoners had stolen some of the guns, and fled in a fierce battle with the police. Haiti attorney general Edward told the Reuters that a policeman unfortunately killed in the incident, a prisoner in the escape from the walls fall wound to the head and killed. In addition, there are 3 prisoners were injured, one of whom later died of his injuries. Broadcasting British Corporation reported that after the incident, the Haiti government issued a statement condemning the social media said it was a prison rebellion incident. Up to now, there are 11 escaped prisoners were arrested, the incident has been set up around the prison checkpoints. Police urged local people to remain calm, with the instructions of the relevant departments. For a long time, Haiti’s prisons have been criticized for overcrowding, many suspects will be detained before trial. It is unclear how many of the prisoners escaped felons and waiting for the judge. After the incident, the U.S. Embassy in Haiti issued a black prison aka security bulletin, suggest that U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to the region. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: