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The new "life education" published in Beijing: expand the life long and wide and high – Sohu read the afternoon of September 19th, the life education curriculum experimental book "new life education" new book conference held at the Tsinghua University affiliated primary school central business district experimental primary school, Zhu Yongxin, Zhu Xiaoman, Zhou Guoping, Liu Hui, Wang Kailing, Shi Ying, Dou Guimei and other experts and scholars attended conference. The new "life education", CO produced by the new education institute and Shanxi Education Press Zhu Yongxin, Feng Jianjun, Yuan satellite editor, cross-strait experts, dozens of middle and elementary school teachers based on the domestic research and learn from the excellent life education achievements, calendar years prepared. The book a total of 24, covering the first grade to high school grade three each year, the first batch of one, four, grade seven and the high of the last 14 years, accounting for. This book emphasizes the life consciousness in the life of knowledge and life skills, life skills and knowledge of life and ultimately the formation of life responsibility. A primary school to the third grade by the story form, above the fourth grade primary school, including junior high school and senior high school by experience, with the learning characteristics of the students. Conference, textbook editor Zhu Yongxin pointed out that the discovery of life, excavation, exploration is the eternal theme of education. The new life education is life education from the perspective of new education, is to guide and help students understand the phenomenon of life, to grasp life knowledge acquisition, survival skills, improve the ability of living, understanding the meaning of life and realize the value of life education. It is to live a happy life complete education "as the core concept of" life "as the center and the origin, around the people’s natural life, social life and spiritual life of education, to guide students to cherish life, active life, happy life, expand the life length and breadth, let the limited life to achieve the maximum value, let every life be your best. Experts believe that the "importance of life education is the" national long-term education development plan proposed the strategy of "theme", has just released the "China students develop core literacy", also in the "healthy living" literacy level, put forward to understand the meaning of life and value of life, with safety awareness and self-protection ability, suitable for sports master methods and skills of their own, develop a healthy and civilized behavior and way of life and cherish life quality requirements. New life education can be said to come into being, has a very important practical significance. From the teaching of life education curriculum experts also pointed out that the establishment of the special curriculum oriented, and jointly promote the implementation mechanism of the teaching of other courses and all kinds of educational activities, mutual coordination and organic infiltration, is a necessary way to effectively carry out the life education. The new "life education" the book, will become a powerful starting point for the construction of life education curriculum. Shanxi Education Publishing House said they will take this series as a starting point, launched online teaching resource library, client APP, series of animation, games, picture books, intelligent terminals, stadiums and other learning, build a life education to students as the center of the learning system. Conference, Shanxi Education Publishing House to Tsinghua School to the Central Business District Experimental Primary School in the fourth grade, presented a use of "new life education" the book, held to the poverty-stricken areas.相关的主题文章: