The United States presidential election, the potential market impact Jiasheng group 音羽かなで

Carsem group: the United States presidential election market potential clients view the latest market in November 8, 2016 the US presidential election results or far-reaching influence, is expected to become the history for a special election. In financial markets, the outcome of the election is likely to cause a strong market trend and volatility, all of which depend on the history of the election result is rapidly expanded and the market of the mainstream view two main candidates. The two candidates Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton?? the economic policy and the main problems many views basically is different. One of the candidates, the real estate billionaire, outsiders Donald? Trump aims to shake the U.S. political order, and this process or accompanied by market volatility. Another candidate, typical Washington insiders, has a close relationship with the government and the political pattern of Hilary? Clinton is considered the relative safety of the financial market, a lot of people will be the basic Hilary election as president Obama (third May Fourth) continuation of the term. Recently, the first round of the debate between the two candidates on Tuesday night opened the curtain. Although Trump began by attacking Clinton Zhandexianji, but Hilary quickly reversed the situation, forcing Trump to take excessive defense tactics, which leads to some embarrassing mistakes during the debate, some remarks may also make people feel regret, and this part mainly concentrated on the side of Trump. But the best thing to do is not to argue about the change in the situation itself, but rather the reaction of the U.S. stock index futures market shortly after the debate. In view of the fact that most analysts and pundits believe the Hilary debate performance significantly ahead of their rivals, the Dow and S & P futures soaring sharply thereafter. Compared to Hilary’s voting dominated confidence, power index soaring or more from the financial market has been on Trump the next election eased concerns about prospects for small signal. In view of the great differences exist in the two key aspects of economic policy, both Trump and Hilary two people who ultimately elected, will be the major financial markets have a significant impact, but also the subsequent totally different. The stock market is now in the early stages of the election at the beginning of November, we have seen that the outsider Donald? Trump’s political leadership overall is still unknown, its position with global and domestic economic problem is very uncertain and unpredictable, the market’s fears led to a certain degree of stock market volatility intense. But Trump slashed corporate tax, financial deregulation proposals for business to be more friendly, at least in the early stages of its reign is conducive to the promotion of investment, push up the stock market. Nevertheless, the trade protectionism policy stance of Trump’s firm is likely to make us frustrated in international trade. In addition, the total tax cuts may eventually cause serious negative impact on the U.S. economy and the stock market. At the same time, in spite of the fact that Hilary Clinton of Obama? Keep the existing government economic policy pattern reached a tacit understanding, the commercial policies in the financial markets seems to be more normal, but Hilary.相关的主题文章: