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"918" alarm generation remember do not forget national humiliation – Sohu news Xue Baosheng Chinese network commentator in September 18th this year, is the "918 incident" 85 anniversary of the outbreak. 85 years, the years of vicissitudes, update, China has long past, past and weak, poor and backward beaten, cannot withstand a single blow, being invaded, economic depression, The people are destitute. broken, devastated, sad old China had whine, gone for ever. China among the world’s second largest economy, revitalize the rise in the footsteps of speed, 1 billion 370 million Chinese people never like today live a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment of a sense of security, well-being, and dignity. However, advocating peace, hate war, against oppression, equality, mutual trust, mutual win-win cooperation efforts, innovation and development, for the benefit of mankind will never forget the moment China, "9.18" the sad, hate black day. Although in the past 85 years, but by the Japanese in the Northeast Chinese deliberately, and they started a war of aggression against China, led directly to China occupied northeast, which opened the Japanese imperialist invasion war of terror scene, people of the Northeast China lost their homes, brutally ravaged slavery history, it is difficult to let people out of memory Chinese. The night of 18 September 1931, the Japanese Kwantung Army in the sinister arrangement, the South Manchurian Railway tracks the railroad "garrison" he blew up Shenyang wicker Lake near the Japanese built. Then planted, openly jiahuoyuren, is the military for Chinese groundless accusations. The Japanese then used it as an excuse, evil shelling of Shenyang city. This event is called the "918 incident"". On the second day of the incident, the Japanese invaded Shenyang in the northeast of China, and then invaded Jilin and Heilongjiang. February 1932, Northeast China occupied the whole territory. Since then, Japan established a puppet regime in Manchuria puppet regime in Northeast China, started to the people of the Northeast Chinese as long as 14 years of slavery and colonialism, committed by the Japanese invasion of sin. The fact is undeniable that history is not to be overturned. The Japanese imperialists Chinese rampant, launched a war of aggression against China, not only made the world "918 incident" and the "77 incident", also made frightful to the ear "Nanjing massacre"…… In China ignited the fire of World War II disaster. Because of the ruling Kuomintang China take the first back after rangwai folly defeated don’t resist, don’t resist, not expelled, do not blow the policy result that Japanese imperialism trampled on the Northeast Chinese long heel. 14 years of brutal rule, 14 years 14 years of humiliation with spots of tears and blood, vendetta, China people can forget? We advocate and unite and lead in the strong appeal, China Communist Party, the Kuomintang and the Communist Party began to cooperate, mobilize and organize the people throughout the country started the fight against Japanese imperialist invaders just war. 8 years 8 years of extremely hard and bitter struggle, fighting, fought 8 years forward, 8 years to the refuse to be cowed or submit the Oriental main battlefield of World War II, China, finally won the victory, defeated the Japanese invaders, Ganpao, Japanese imperialism, militarism with tail rolled back, the whole.相关的主题文章: