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India graduate employment situation grim part employment maid original title: India graduates are facing a severe employment situation of college candidates maid [World Wide Web Roundup] according to the U.S. "quartz" website reported on November 2nd, in India, the white-collar class jobs in short supply, many new graduates in India have to apply for blue collar jobs. India graduates face severe employment situation. QuikrJobs is a famous job search platform in India, with about seven million active job seekers. In September, QuikrJobs collected data show that: in the level of blue collar jobs, office assistant, driver, mechanic, bartender, maid job seekers in 40% for University graduates. For fresh graduates, job opportunities are in short supply. Many graduates have turned to blue collar jobs. Countries need to provide more job opportunities for graduates, "QuikrJobs said in a report. However, the data show that India, Asia’s third largest economy is facing two problems: one is the employment, many graduates are not qualified for professional work; another is for India, to provide suitable job opportunities for graduates to about five million per year. It is estimated that more than 80% of India engineering graduates can not find a job. Graduate students are also facing the same severe form, in India, about 93% of the master of business administration is not suitable for their work. Internship compile: Chen Ziwei reviewer: Tan Liya) responsibility editor: Chen Yu SN225相关的主题文章: