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What is iPhone 7 more than the previous generation iPhone 6S? Sohu, science and technology [Technews] Cook in science news by Tim Carpool Karaoke (a KTV)’s, and "super Mario" creator Miyamoto Shige announced the launch of the first Mario Mobile Games in iOS, Apple’s new mobile phone iPhone 77 Plus finally officially debut. However, there is no big change in the premise of the premise, iPhone 77 Plus than the previous generation which features? The appearance appearance difference with the previous generation iPhone 7, including weight, size has not changed (omitted light 5 grams), also as rumors only fine-tuning the antenna, remove the back bar, let more sense of unity. The most obvious change is to users, apple added two black models, one is the previous space grey deepened, become the new black, and the other is a new process to improve the brightness, create the bright black". The antenna also has two black color changes, so it is good to hide the antenna. In fact, the black models in iPhone 5 when it has appeared, but Apple 5S will be in generational color to a pale gray space, the reason may be in the dark paint is difficult to adhere to Aluminum Alloy, making iPhone 5 black models often fade problems. And this three years apart let black again, Apple should be adopted in the new process, in order to avoid the first before the fade defect, but the actual effect is still waiting for the test. It has been known that, due to the high brightness of bright black, usually accumulated defects will be more obvious, so Apple also suggested that users should use the protective shell. Another obvious difference in appearance is that iPhone 7 has increased the size of the camera and has set up an asymmetric double lens at iPhone 7 Plus. Around the camera is no longer only surrounded by a circle of stainless steel, but with the enclosure, the overall than the previous generation will have a sense of. It is worth mentioning that the iPhone 7 Home key to "solid", not as previously as pressure, and integration of Force and Touch, by pressing the back fill vibration, can customize the function. At the bottom of the iPhone 7, the new iPhone has the biggest point of contention: remove the 3.5mm headphone hole, and then turn into a new sound hole. Although Intel is pushing to replace the headset hole in USB Type-C, but Apple removed 3.5mm, technology did not bring any real benefits, only with the new Lightning EarPods headset, a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter, attention to quality of users, may feel puzzled. Perhaps to the next generation of iPhone, in order to find a special user to find hemp:相关的主题文章: