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Bluetooth speaker leather wrapped hand sewn, sir – the ultimate retro charm Sohu SANGEAN Technology (Sangean) of the brand, may not be well known to the public, but the radio enthusiasts know it is synonymous with high-end boutique. SANGEAN was founded in 1974, manufacturing for decades has been dedicated to the radio, to create a lot of classic products, such as the so-called radio king 909x (I have a). Today, the pure radio market has gradually reduced, so SANGEAN has also launched a new product: Internet radio, radio and other Bluetooth speakers, but every product with excellent function, which is an important symbol of SANGEAN is different from other manufacturers, I love this kind of personality and perseverance. On the hand of the Taishan into the Jazz is a collection of Bluetooth speakers and radio features the latest products. Jazz, which began in the early twentieth Century, began in the southern United States, New Orleans, and now jazz is not only a musical genre, but also a synonym for classical and nostalgic. Although the ancient history, but is actually quite a jazz music pioneer type, often by musicians to improvise, orchestration is free (which is why some of the classics adapted by countless times but often hear Chang Xin), jazz’s charm is that you can’t predict what is next sound, every note may surprise you, hear the sweet on the surface is not harmonious, the need to taste. At this point, there is something in common between jazz and music: classic, but also very modern. The box had heard of SANGEAN Jazz is a full of sincerity works under the manufacturer is not a small effort for it. The package box is full of sincerity, great, with jazz pattern, participate in the evaluation of the experience of personnel also got a canvas bag of pretty good quality. Before receiving the evaluation sample, SANGEAN phone manufacturers also to communicate with me, in the previous evaluation has not encountered such a move, which shows the seriousness of the manufacturers. Inside the box is simple and pure black, only handwritten Jazz this light color, simple and beautiful. The radio by thick cardboard buffer and pearl cotton bag protection is almost no danger of anything going wrong. The manufacturer offers a retractable antenna and a flexible antenna, which is also fitted with a special antenna screw wrench for ease of operation. The appearance as its name, Jazz is shaped like an old fashioned radio appearance, golden plate, honey cortex appearance, cylindrical button, mechanical FM greatly simple windows, panels, exuding a retro and elegant atmosphere. The 4 sides of the body completely covered by the soft leather material, soft and comfortable, but also by manual suture, further heighten the retro and elegant temperament. There are 4 feet at the bottom, the role is to prevent and protect the leather and desktop friction, in addition to playing the music to avoid resonance, this detail is very good. In fact, Jazz is not only an electronic product, with its beautiful appearance, foot has become a home in a small landscape. Make ~相关的主题文章: