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"930 new" preliminary results show prices fell down around the central broadcasting network Beijing on November 19th news (reporter Zhang Mianmian) according to the China voice of "news" reported yesterday (18), the National Bureau of Statistics announced in October 70 large and medium-sized city housing prices data, data show that the second half of the 10 hot line and the second city, there 7 city home prices fell, the 1 remaining flat, or down; at the same time, a second tier city real estate market was cooling, the three line of the city is relatively stable. September 30th, Beijing issued a universal 930 new deal, the property market regulation policy, requiring immediate increase in the proportion of the purchase of the first payment in Beijing. Today, the policy has been introduced in the past two months, prices fell around the house, which will have a negative impact on the overall property market and even the Chinese economy? How long will the property market cool down? Beijing housing prices as a barometer of the property market, according to the latest data released by the first half of September, rose 4.9 percentage points, the first half of October rose 1.2 percentage points, 10 in the second half of April fell 0.4 percentage points, down trend is obvious. Beijing, said an intermediary, which is directly related to the implementation of the 930 new deal in the 22 cities: before the listing is not in the house, the house is particularly small, the owner does not sell, do not sell sincerely. Now we are sitting at home, so we can talk to him." Under the impact of the new deal, in October 70 cities in the new commercial housing prices fell in the city has 7, the rise of the city has a total of 62, the city has a flat of 1 in the past 930. The chain price movements, Changsha, Zhengzhou, Ji’nan and other 10 city house prices rose, Wuxi rose the most, up to 4.9%; at the same time, Shenzhen, Baotou, Mudanjiang and other places of the 7 prices, the largest decline in Chengdu reached 0.8%. Yang Hongxu, vice president of E-House Research Institute said that although prices rose city number or the majority, but the market has cooled heat. Yang Hongxu said, compared to the previous two months or narrowed, this mainly appeared in the hot city narrowed cooling, is first-tier cities and a few second tier city, more than and 20 of the city’s regulation of prices rose basically began to narrow, and even individual city began to fall, like Shenzhen and Chengdu rose has a positive growth from the previous change the chain of negative growth. Prices down, turnover decreased, some of the anxiety began to spread in the market. After the continued macroeconomic downturn, however, from the beginning of last year, the property market suddenly started booming, seems to give the economy a shot in the arm. Soon, the first tier cities in the rapid transmission of high prices to two or three tier cities, Nanjing, Hefei, Xiamen, Suzhou and other prices jumped up as a new round of rising prices of the leading cities. So, 930 such a severe new deal will be introduced to the property market will be back to the prototype, the impact on China’s economy? The answer was No. Yang Hongxu believes that in the past, the property market policy is too loose. Yang Hongxu table pointed out that from 2014 to the two sessions on the price regulation by the previous one size fits all for the distribution of guidance, local government policy to relax, and then experienced 930)相关的主题文章: