The moon is happy! 7 year old children lost after the Mid Autumn Festival back home (video)-下北glory days

The moon is happy! 7 year old child lost after the Mid Autumn Festival, the home of the Mid Autumn Festival, the real reunion of the 12!" 14 on the morning of 10 pm, Hu Zhen Lin Wan Cun, Tongcheng Tong as happy as busy, all the villagers around Hu Huixiong’s house, he was surrounded by his son lost 12 years of dungu (nickname), pulling his hand all sorts of questions. "Do you remember me?" See the grandson home, dungu too grandmother, grandmother, grandmother and other relatives can not help crying to say hello, everyone took his hand, lest he got lost again like. 12 years ago, the ancient buildings with his parents came to Jiangsu to play in Changzhou, the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, he took out two dollars to buy water to drink, accidentally lost, then separated from parents. After being sent to the orphanage, adopted by the good hearted people, this year he admitted to a university in Jiangsu. By the end of last year, his biological parents and police station chat said his son lost, the police let them do DNA sampling, did not expect that in August this year, the police helped him find his son. By looking at the photo, Hu Huixiong recognized his son at once. 14, take advantage of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the ancient buildings in the mother accompanied home magazine. The 6 year old painting on the wall of the word has not been wiped 14 early in the morning, Hu Huixiong couples with friends and family, and to the Tongcheng County Public Security Bureau, the Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade to send a banner to thank. Too late to stay, Hu Huixiong and his wife took his son dungu, home magazine. Metropolis Daily reporter accompanied all the way. The rotary rolling from Tongcheng Santanghu to Lin Wan Cun town, the villagers have been standing at the entrance to the highly anticipated, on both sides of the road filled with fireworks, stretches more than a kilometer until Hu Huixiong home. "Here comes the!" As a greeting, Lin Wan village about boiling up, 000 gun salvo from the car, we will take down the ancient building, holding his hand, he was surrounded by his grandmother came to sit down too. His grandmother too crutches, holding his hand, read it again and again, wiped the tears and said, "this is the ancient building!" Then burst into tears. Next to the grandmother, grandmother also gathered up, holding his shoulder, only tears to express their joy. In the three laps, outside the circle of three, Hu’s house in the house with him as the center, surrounded by folks, we first laugh after crying, come back, and finally came back!" "Do you know me! I’m little aunt." His aunt Hu Sixia took his hand, came to the side of the wall, above the brush with the crooked squeeze his name, Hu Sixia said, this is he at the age of six to write their own. Hu Sixia said that she was the youngest in the home, she took more than a child, often coax him to sleep. Now compared with a child, a child naughty, and now grow taller, then become less, but the appearance has not changed. Since the ancient lost, Hu Huixiong couple frustrated for a long time, the house has not moved, they retain the original, is the hope that the child comes back one day, can wake up his childhood memories. Dungu told reporters here, he still remember, but now do not speak Tongcheng dialect. 12 years ago, his son went out to buy the water lost Tongcheng dialect belongs to Gan family, town, very difficult. In July 8, 2004, Hu Huixiong couples unforgettable day, that day is the Dragon Boat Festival, Hu Huixiong with 7 and a half years old son, old wife Pan Xuemei to visit Changzhou to work. Hu Huixiong said,?相关的主题文章: