[said] that you dare not Daliaohe brother on Wu’ai bridge Brother to give you the way-追踪309

[said] that you dare not Daliaohe brother on Wu’ai bridge? Give your brother the night near the street youth special fire, Shenyang has been high-profile Wu’ai overpass – B, C ramp finally opened! Photograph | Liaoshen Evening News (Li Hao photo) guardrail lamp is very beautiful, have to overpass with Phnom Penh illusion photograph | ~ Liaoshen Evening News 10 months after the project, finally began to save the young street traffic! Youth street lights off Xingang million! Near Wu’ai street gang lights also cancelled! From the airport expressway and the West Second Ring Road and Hunnan direction, the direction of Tiexi, passing through the street youth, no other lights. The ring became a complete closed loop, whose lights across the board. It sounds a little bit touching cool, Hin want to go for a ride, there are 26 Wuai overpass ramp, ABCDEFG…… 26 letters are all together, ha ha ha. This complexity in terms of the country, but also can be ranked on it. You can walk in Shenyang, understand? Fix Wu’ai overpass, need only two steps: the first step: understanding the position and direction of the overpass Daliaohe brother take you with God’s eyes, to see what kind of Wu’ai overpass in Shenyang, the panoramic picture, can not find your home? You click the image below to view the picture you overpass the second step: after the bridge carefully see signs at the entrance ramp will have obvious signs. Remind you should go where, this time he can ~ ~ the first opened on the natural B, C ramp, saved Wu’ai street gang and Xingang congestion. Before the morning and evening peak hours, five love street gang vehicle has been routed to Fumin Bridge, blocking look to bear! Later, on the east side of Youth Street Hunhe River Bridge, or for pedestrians and non motor vehicles to build a "hydrophilic Zhanqiao". Separated from the motor vehicle lanes, both safe and enjoy the scenery on both sides. From a traffic jam, to enjoy the scenery around, happiness comes too suddenly, wait for the 26 ramp all opened, Shenyang south traffic smooth smooth smooth point the day and await for it! You go to the five overpass walk? ¥ 920 Estee Lauder old artifact free delivery! Reply to "cream" to understand and participate in the activities of minutes, a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment in front of their peers! ]相关的主题文章: