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Mount Longhu scenic area eleven golden week tourists to reach new heights – Travel Channel "eleven" during the golden week, Jiangxi Mount Longhu scenic tourism market continued to hit, driving a substantial increase, but the market order in order, tourist satisfaction generally improved, and achieved a win-win economic and social benefits. According to incomplete statistics, the 7 day National Day holiday Mount Longhu scenic tourists 554 thousand and 700 passengers, an increase of 15.5%, the ticket income of 40 million 806 thousand and 700 yuan, an increase of 15%, the number of tourists, tickets etc. refresh history. This year’s "eleven" golden week, Mount Longhu scenic area to enrich the connotation of holiday tourism and tourism to create a unique tourism activities and preferential measures to attract people to participate in tourism. The first international exhibition of Chinese light painting at the visitor center open to visitors for free, the new water trapeze performances project water rock, Tianshi mansion million people blessing ceremony, peach Zhou Dream actor small outdoor theatrical performances and so on. "Mount Longhu", "flower dream world", "big Mount Longhu," Sheng Jing mountain tourism project also launched discount tickets for tourist activities, offer a feast. In addition to the tour landscape, Mount Longhu scenic area also through the form of performing arts projects, exchange activities, health training, will implement the cultural experience considerable, visitors can enjoy, play and experience of tourism projects, let visitors in the natural landscape tourism experience to enjoy the pleasure of culture. Mount Longhu scenic before the holiday from the traffic control, travel safety, quality of service, tourist flow control, information release and other aspects of the implementation plan to create a safe and orderly tourism environment. For driving, travel high tide, according to the scenic passenger information to divert vehicles batches, by doing, peak tourists shunt and coordination, realize the tourists come, get in and out, to avoid the traffic jam phenomenon. The scenic area will be the policy of "safety first" throughout, during the festival to strengthen routine patrol and night duty, post duty, and set up all day long 24 hours duty system and inspection system, all-weather uninterrupted inspections, effectively eliminate hidden troubles of safety, to ensure that the eleven Golden Week tourism security, make tourists happy and satisfied. Return. At the same time, Mount Longhu scenic holiday travel service quality generally improve, travel safety and complaints. Mount Longhu scenic area to carry out the "activities" to enhance the quality of tourism services, strengthen tourism services standardization construction, renovation of the scenic five-star toilet, increase the training of tourism professionals, improve tourism facilities, tourism service consciousness of employees increased significantly. During the national day, Mount Longhu tourism no major accidents occurred, there is no phenomenon of tourists stranded, scenic tourist complaints have been properly handled. Click here to watch the video of the best tourist information > China; > (commissioning editor: Li Yawen (Intern), even pure)相关的主题文章: