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Half – Chelsea road 1-0 Southampton o Zal wearing crotch broke a ball into the soul [goal]! O Zal small angle shot 6 minutes ahead of Chelsea a Zal Tencent sports news October 31st Po Huang Beijing time this morning, Premier Chelsea in the tenth round (data) away in Southampton, the first half, Zal scored with blue 1-0 lead. At the beginning of the game 3 minutes, Pedro right up front zhisai, Zal broke into the restricted area on the right side of a rear cross knock, Costa stabbed to keep up with the front point shot was deflected up. Right sixth minutes before Mose straight, the right side of a Zal ball into the box and then he swung open the defensive player of the left foot low shot, the ball from the goalkeeper between the legs through the drill into the back of the net, the road leading 1-0 Chelsea, this is Zal in the Premiership this season scored fifth goals. Southampton thirteenth minutes free kick into the box, Tadic header just wide of the left side of the goal; twenty-ninth minutes Southampton frontcourt free kick on the right side, Tadic hit a direct shot, the ball was flying Courtois saved the bottom line. Thirty-third minutes after Chelsea ball to launch quick counter attack, transfer to the other side, the left side of the Zal range ball Drang, Mose restricted the right shot to play in the other players who missed; after 5 minutes, Zal cut the ball inside the left front of a sudden volley shot, the ball was the door fell confiscated. Forty-first minutes Matic midfielder steals zhisai, Costa on the right side of the ball into the restricted area form a single, but his right foot shot was goalkeeper with her foot, Chelsea almost doubled the lead. Lineup: Southampton: goalkeeper: No. 1 Fraser – Forster defender: No. 15, No. 6, Martina fuente, No. 17 and No. 21 Van Dyk Bert Rand midfielder: No. 7 and No. 14 carat West Luo Meiwu, No. 8, No. 11: Davies striker Tadic, 22 Raymond, 10 Austin Cheel: goalkeeper: No. 13 West Courtois defender Azpilicueta: No. 28, No. 30, No. 24, Lewis Cahill Kanter, midfielder: No. 7, No. 21, No. 15 Matic Mose, 3 Alonso striker: No. 11 Pedro, No. 10, No. 19, Zal Diego Costa (anckie)相关的主题文章: