Ningbo, Cixi Electric Appliance Factory fire lasted 9 hours burned area of about more than 2000 squa-caxa实体设计

Ningbo Cixi Electric Appliance Factory fire lasted 9 hours over an area of about 2000 square meters (map) rescue site correspondent for yesterday, Cixi Sinpo occurred in the fire, fire from the morning of the 9 points, in the evening 6 o’clock, the reporter contacted the fire department, there are more than 20 fire trucks do follow-up off the work in the field. The fire caused by a workshop of Zhejiang Moore electric appliance Limited company, then spread to a wall of the Saiyi electric, but fortunately no one was trapped. Reporter correspondent Ma Wen Wen Wanglei reporter Zhu Lin many workshops are raging fire covering more than 200 firefighters involved in the rescue Moore appliance is located in Cixi City, new town Xinsheng Road No. 698, the reporter came from witnessed friends saw the video, a plant huge raging fire, a lot of the workshop two buildings are all fire, black smoke has been up to the air, the whole plant is covered by smoke. A lot of people gathered downstairs, most of them working at the factory. Morning 9:03 am, after receiving the alarm, the first full-time team of new town fire rushed to the scene of the fire, rescue. 9:24, the Hangzhou Bay Area as a squadron squadron, reached the scene of the west, the three gun fire control, power supply car driver hit the wall of water, ensuring uninterrupted water front. 9:40, in addition to the advance force has arrived in the Cixi fire brigade and Ningbo city fire brigade command center deployed in Cixi, East, West Bridge, CI Ci, special one, two and more than and 10 squadrons and combat security brigade total of 28 fire engines, 1 sets of remote water supply system, more than 200 fire brigade reinforcements. Cixi fire squadron docked at the East Saiyi Park, with 32 meters high spray intercept the fire. Xi CI docked at the southwest corner of the fire squadron, with 16 meters high spray fire suppression spread south, to secure the office without Huomo erosion. SWAT brigade reinforcements vehicle parked fire East Saiyi Park middle building 3-4, control the spread of fire. Yuyao, bridge, Jiangbei and other reinforcements to ensure uninterrupted water supply in the front of the east. The fire is the packing roller with foam next to the other home appliances company was first discovered the spread of fire, is a three storey building two floor, full automatic washing machine production line workshop, workshop in the northeast corner, large quantities of packaging for washing machine drum, to prevent bad knock in transit bubble here is the stacking, the location of fire, in addition to the bubble, and the washing machine drum, semi-finished products and raw materials etc.. "It was time for a break in the morning (9:00 – 9:15), just a few minutes after the bell rang, I heard someone shouting ‘fire’…… There are workers in the workshop, after the discovery of fire, everyone on the side of the alarm, while the organization of the workshop director, take the fire extinguisher to fight. But the bubble is too fast, and then spread open, self-help is not, can only quit the workshop, waiting for the fire rescue." The workers said that although the fire, but no one was trapped, no casualties, has been considered lucky. Around 10, due to the spread of the fire, adjacent to the hundred million electric appliance company.相关的主题文章: