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The Champions League – Real Madrid 2-1 C Ronaldo equalled the mysterious reversal in front of God [collection] byoyomi lore Real Madrid and 2-1 Lisbon athletics C Ronaldo world wave lore C Ronaldo kick morata byoyomi real Savior (data) Lisbon athletics sports Tencent lore countdown September 15th news this morning, the first round of the Champions League in the group phase, Real Madrid home court 2-1 victory over Lisbon athletics, Europe the crown for 10 consecutive years of battle unbeaten home court. BBC for the first time this season to Bruno Cesar’s opener, C Ronaldo hit the post after the final free kick, stoppage time winner morata. Real Madrid 20 consecutive Champions League appearances, tied dynamo Kiev, tied for first in history. Real Madrid for three consecutive years to win the Champions League opener were 4 goals or more, for the 9 consecutive season in the Champions League home court debut win, Bernabeu in nearly 19 Champions League goals by the home team won 6 consecutive zero closure, the. BBC played together for the first time this season, C Ronaldo played in the old master, Marcelo Casey Milo comeback, Isko Asensio absent. C Luo 350th games on behalf of the Real Madrid game, scored 365 goals before assists for the 100 time. The opening 8 minutes, Gerson – after Martins steals fast break kicker volley, casiglia throws the ball. After 5 minutes, cross right corner, Valane shakes top off, Casey Milo and Ramos for kicking the head of the door, are defender and goalkeeper. Thirty-seventh minutes to cross the ball, C Ronaldo strong long-range, pat double boxing ball out of the bottom line of Sri austria. Before the end of the first half, Baer left Liverpool breakthrough (data) old Coates tackles down, the referee called doctor play for the examination, treatment after Baer continued into the game. Real Madrid last half 0-0 draw with rivals home court, or against Manchester City in 2012 (data), the final score 3-2. Real Madrid nearly 8 champions league 5 game half goalless, but the home court has 30 consecutive games scoring in the Champions League, not the last goal was April 2011 0-2 negative Barcelona (website data). Forty-seventh minutes, Adrian – Silva ball, Martins zhisai blocked Ramos, Martins immediately from the foot of Modric poke the ball, Bruno – Cesar restricted Youlei large angle Anders torner, Real Madrid 0-1. Bruno – Cesar in May 2015 to become the first in the Champions League after morata, Bernabeu scored the player last season, Real Madrid home court annual European Guanling goal. C Luo fell into the restricted area, the referee did not bother. Sixty-sixth minutes, Qi Graal Zone line before Fangdao Baer was booked, Baer free kick shot high pocket. Seventy-second minutes, cross pass in the left corner, C Luo header ferry, right block header box Miro close up. The visiting team coach Jesus was the referee penalty, on the stands watching, she was booked to protest the decision. Seventy-ninth minutes, morata chandaoqiu shot was confiscated by the goalkeeper, but was offside in the first place, the penalty is controversial. Eighty-third minutes, Carvajal right-wing crosses, C Ronaldo after the unmarked push down shooting in the post, Lucas restricted Youlei Vasquez volley was blocked, push Kongmen morata in front, but it has been offside. 1 minutes later, Carvajal volley shot)相关的主题文章: