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Ningbo 1 college students involved in fraud gangs lurking dating site up to more than 600 the suspects were arrested. In late April of this year, Ningbo university a graduate student in the net cheated 1880 yuan. Although the communication (Network) fraud cases, the loss of the victim is not large, but the police through the investigation of Jiangbei this case, uncovered a network fraud Gang, gang arrested 93 suspects, involving funds of up to more than 600 yuan. Recently, Jiangbei police, 10 suspects currently involved have been arrested, another 23 people were taken criminal coercive measures. Police remind the general public, whether in the network or the reality of love, touch each other around money spinning will stay in mind. Reporter correspondent Zhang Yifu Yang Xijin to study online dating website cheated 1880 yuan cheated student surnamed sun. In April this year, he met a girl in the company website, the QQ image is a beautiful young woman. This name is "the most beautiful" my mother daughter girl first showed his true identity: the name "Liu Wen", "the university graduates, work in the beauty shop, part-time open a shop", "work in Cixi". Through a period of online chat, sun students on the "knowledgeable, independent" girl full of affection, two people chat more and more high frequencies. However, in the chat, the girl always referred to his shop naturally or half unconsciously take care of things, and to remind the students Sun: "two people have common interests and hobbies is very important, at least I do together with you, you can have a good income for you!" Sun students would have been a bit indifferent, but in the girl’s gentle offensive that can learn. The girl gave him an electronic contract, saying that the cost of 1880 yuan to pay the contract sent over. See some of his heart, and he recommended to the girl Strike while the iron is hot. a company’s technical staff, the technical staff to explain the specific process of open shop to sun students at QQ, also simply teach some basic operations. Jiangbei Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade series case investigation squadron commander Ying Jianbo said, let the sun hit classmate, is the girl to give him the "Taobao generation operation plan. The so-called Taobao generation operation, is a novice to open a shop but has no time to take care of, utterly ignorant of, you can find some professional institutions hosting, from the shop registration, online customer service, delivery of goods shelves to return all business shop link, will provide service personnel. As people who want to open the shop, as long as the payment of the relevant service costs can be. The sun was cheated 1880 students, is the so-called franchise management fees. Because the money is not particularly much, plus he is not very familiar with this, sun students did not think much. At noon on April 24th, in order to give this strange but favourable girl a good impression, sun students remit 1880 yuan management fee. Wait until the afternoon after school, sun students felt something wrong. He looked at the girl’s QQ space and found that she had a point of praise.相关的主题文章: