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Hungry at night to eat nuts will be fat? As a love what is your most chowhound, store snacks? Love is the small store of nuts. From the peanut to macadamia nut, pine nuts, I love the snacks, even chocolate cake is also love pick a nuts to eat. In the evening, when I was hungry, I also like to put a handful of nuts. Some people ask about the small series. In the evening, when they are hungry, they eat nuts Hungry at night to eat nuts will be fat? First of all, a nut is rich in oil and food, which contains 40% peanut oil, sunflower seeds contain more than 50% oil, walnuts contain more than 60% oil, pine nuts contain up to 70% oil. Nuts "oil", heat is not low, 100 grams of walnut, calories more than 600 calories. But do you really eat nuts? According to expert analysis, edible tree nuts (including almonds, cashews, walnuts, pine nuts, etc.) by researchers than eating nuts less of the obesity rate lower than 37%~46%. In addition, people who eat nuts are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other metabolic syndrome as well as diabetes and heart disease than people who do not eat nuts. The researchers said that nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids, and will not pose a threat to human health. Nuts are also rich in dietary fiber and protein, have a good sense of satiety. Eat the right amount of nuts to lose weight. So, small eat nuts are strictly controlled, hungry to eat a small night! The benefits of different nuts: peanuts, walnuts: nuts are rich in vitamin E, with a strong free radical scavenging function, can effectively prevent premature aging of the body. Among them, walnut and peanut vitamin E content is high, good for skin health. Chestnut: chestnut is rich in soft dietary fiber, can prevent constipation. In addition, chestnuts are rich in sugar, starch, protein and fat, a strong sense of satiety, can reduce the consumption of meals. Autumn and winter comes, your friend sugar fried chestnut on the line! Hazelnut, pistachio: research shows that the relationship between vitamin B1 and neurological function closely, vitamin B1 concentration is low, the risk of depression will rise. Hazelnut and pistachios in vitamin B1 content is particularly prominent, depressed people can be used as snacks between meals. The original eating pistachios really will be happier! Almond: Almond rich in cellulose. Scientific research suggests that cellulose helps lower blood cholesterol, an almond containing the same amount of cellulose as an orange or apple. As well as rich fat oil, can improve the intestinal content of the mucous membrane lubrication. Almonds also contain antioxidant vitamin E and rich in calcium, 25 grams of almonds contain calcium equivalent to the calcium content of 1 cups of milk. Almond dew is the favorite dessert! Nuts are good, but really eat a handful of good cough, eat a lot of bad digestion but also obesity. But be careful not to eat too much processed nuts, fried, roasted nuts are often more than heat processing, and easy to get angry. Eat happy, happy every day oh!相关的主题文章: