Hu Xuefeng one more year for the love of the target led to return to the playoffs (video)-sql2005安装图解

Hu Xuefeng: one more year for CBA preseason goal led Hu Xuefeng love to return to the playoffs for another season of sports news Hu Xuefeng October 7th Tencent is currently with the team preparing for the Danyang division. The original plan to retire him now to coach and player for another year. When asked why make such a choice, Hu Xuefeng said, because he is full of affection for the team, basketball is hard to give up. "The final decision not to retire, the reason is because of the kind of basketball, and the kind of feelings for the team." Hu Xuefeng said. This year’s goal is more consistent, the team’s investment is relatively large, so the last year to fight it." "Jiangsu has been out of the playoffs for years, so it’s a dream for every player and every coach to return to the playoffs." Hu Xuefeng continued. In fact, as early as last season, Hu Xuefeng had the intention to retire. However, the management team’s stay, Hu Xuefeng decided to fight for a year. This summer, Hu Xuefeng intends to retire, but in the end of the team’s stay, he chose to continue the campaign season. "The goal of the new season Jiangsu team is to enter the playoffs, the competition will be very intense, because each team wants to enter the playoffs, which means that there will be a lot of difficulties, I hope everyone is ready." Hu Xuefeng continued. Hu Xuefeng, who was born in 1980, is 36 years old and has come to the end of his career for any athlete. In talking about this, Hu Xuefeng does not care about their physical condition. The feeling is very tired, one is to recover more tired, because the age is really big; the other is the injury more. For me, I still want to be a good young player, if the young players can have a good performance, I can not play, naturally is the best." (Yang Weili) [collection] Shandong 113-115 Jiangsu Hu Xuefeng 167 sent quasi lore (this has nothing to do with the original video content, for further reading)相关的主题文章: