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2016 Booker Prize short list of Coetzee’s unsuccessful [Abstract] media please jury President Amanda explained, so why Coetzee did not qualify for the masters. Amanda said, "famous" is not a guarantee. Zhang Lushi from the London Tencent culture Booker Prize jury President Amanda Forman announced a short list of shooting: Zhang Lushi local time on September 13th morning 10:10 (5:10 PM Beijing time), the 2016 British Booker Prize short list. 6 entries were: "betray" The Sellout Paul · Paul Beatty; the (United States) "Hot Milk" Hot Milk Deborah · Levi Deborah Levy (UK) "His Bloody Project" plan his bloody Gram · Michaela · Bernat Graeme Macrae Burnet (UK) "Eileen" Eileen Aotisha · Ottessa Moshfegh (America) for the Moche people "but that" All That ManIs · David Szalay (David; Saerlai Canada UK) "don’t say we all" Do Not Say We Have Nothing Deng Minling MadeleineThien (Canada) the Booker Prize jury chairman Amanda · Forman (Amanda Foreman). The judges are experts of modernist literature and literary critic Joe · (Jon, Day); a professor of literature at a university. Abdullah Zach · Qurna (Abdulrazak Gurnah), 2014 T.S., winner of the Eliot prize for poetry writing Professor David · Harsent (David Harsent), and actor Olivia · Williams (Olivia Williams). At the press conference, the judges were to do a review of each book. Olivia · Williams said, "betray" a book very long won the judges approval, all were Paul · than the Swift style quite impressed by writing satirical novels. The author is the envy tone sensitivity switch clothes, his fearless wit, creating scenes I cannot set the tone for the picture, he punctured with toxicity taboo." The jury President Amanda · Forman commented on "Hot Milk" said that the works like "toxic waste inspection", has made the understanding destructive parents and their children to behave. The heroine of the novel, after years of emotional abuse, carried out a journey of discovery. "There is a primitive scream in the depth of the novel, but it is not so much Cassandra相关的主题文章: