Two dimensional economic salon Sixth-wegener肉芽肿

Two dimensional economic salon in November 12th sixth, the two dimension and company jointly held "a feast of the two dimension" two dimensional world economic circles as held in the two dimension salon. Friends from the business community, culture, arts and the media and the two dimensional circles to share a discussion, sharing to create a business model of the two dimension and consumption upgrade cooperation. Two dimensional economy is the trend of the times, the power of the times, but also the opportunity given by the times. Under the impetus of the mobile Internet and pan entertainment tide, China has gone to the outlet of the two dimensional culture. A new generation of consumer spending habits change, triggering new business models and opportunities. Under the new form, the joint industry and cross-border sharing has become an inevitable trend. The two dimension CEO Jiang Junhua first brought the theme of a "two dimensional feast" to share. He pointed out that in the opening, the two dimension has always been a vision, is to build the Internet Ecosystem, not only on the line, the line also need docking and exchange more, break through the wall through the two dimension and dimension, the three dimension of the world. The two dimension to the three dimension of the onslaught, spread on the Internet and in time and space, the two dimensional culture and young people will cross out high value perfect; ACGN (animation, comics, games and light novels) as the representative of the two dimensions of culture is not an individual will transfer into the mainstream culture. The two dimension will become a mainstream consumer groups that influence and dominate the future of the new economy and an indispensable investment decision-making power. Seize the two dimension of the economy, to seize the consumption upgrade of the 300 million, is the real need to seize the opportunity of all enterprises. Youth may not be two, but the two must be young. China’s shared economy has arrived, and the two dimensional economy is the most representative of the shared economy. IP animation is becoming an important source of the whole Chinese content industry, how to use the two dimension of interest to the two dimensional animation IP marketing, grab their attention? General Chiang at the scene interpretation of his animation IP five line method. Through cartoons, stories, media, cross-border marketing and licensing operations, creating a two dimension of their own consumer energy field. Two dimensional circles in the country founded the first professional online animation authorized IP supermarket, Internet authorization, authorization category, low gold online transactions quickly, more authorization is pirated "killer". Authorized by the method of leveraging a fan of the economy, so that the animation IP maximum value, the ultimate goal is to become the customer of a lifetime for life. Two dimensional partner Xiao Qunying introduced in detail the two dimensional platform and China’s two dimensional PK station project activities. China’s two dimensional PK station is the first in the two dimension, and can be self circulation of the two dimensional economic union. Each season through the PK model of cross-border joint enterprises for customized star anime IP, sharing millions of brand marketing activities, attract the attention of millions of Pan two dimensions of consumer groups, to create a background story of the network red grade animation image, and enjoy the permanent copyright and licensing custom collection for IP into revenue. In the second half of the sharing to create interactive time, from the company treasure, weaving star technology, China culture media group, Poly Culture, Nobel international school, CIC video and other enterprises, media, art!相关的主题文章: