Hongkong out spicy trick is expected to cool the hot property market-dnf商人吧

Hongkong out of spicy trick is expected to cool the hot property market from 5 onwards, the overall increase in the sale of residential property stamp tax rate in Hongkong, regardless of transaction prices, the tax rate is higher than the transaction volume of up to 15%. Hong Kong people without property in the transaction may be exempted from the new tax rate. Industry insiders believe that the spicy trick than ever, more spicy, can quickly let the hot property market cooling, effectively curb local and overseas investment demand. Reporters learned that the new site was originally scheduled to launch the new disc next Tuesday, however, by the impact of the new policy announced 5 days to suspend the sale of new sales date will be announced separately. On the same day as usual and new real estate sales demonstration unit outside the market is relatively deserted past. Carlton Ge estate CEO Liao Weiqiang said that investors have not yet digested "spicy" message, is expected to recent market investors will be substantially reduced. For first-time home buyers, but also hold more wait-and-see attitude, considering the spicy will lead to falling property prices. Insiders said that the property is calculated on a fine unit price of HK $4 million, has the property of the Hong Kong people, double the stamp duty had to pay 4.5% equivalent to HK $180 thousand in tax rate, uniform adjustment of 15% after tax increased to HK $600 thousand, equivalent to the total price of more than 10%. In addition to curb local investment demand, the industry also pointed out that the new measures also severely hit the overseas buyers. Due to the non local residents to pay 15% of the buyer’s stamp duty continues to apply, coupled with the new "spicy strokes" in the uniform provisions of the property tax stamp, which means that overseas buyers in Hongkong, home buyers need to pay up to 30% of the tax. Shi Yongqing, chairman of the Central Plains group, said the government’s new spicy trick will take effect immediately, the number of transactions is expected to be reduced by more than half. Because the increase will make the first five years of rent may not be sufficient to pay stamp duty, is expected to many people can not accept. As for the future price trend, he said that the first floor of the real estate developers will not cut prices, but slowly or will lower prices. As for the secondary housing market, I believe the owners will increase because of the cost of purchase, the property will not be sold at hand, resulting in the reduction of second-hand housing. The real estate industry analysis is expected, the price below $2 million fine property buyers and investors will bear the brunt of the exchange floor floor ", due to double the stamp tax rate surged by a minimum of 1.5% to 15%, the increase of up to 10 times, the material for the next two months housing trading volume sharply plunged three to 40%. Liang Zhijian, vice chairman of the board will be pointed out that the introduction of the new government spicy trick has a direct impact on the general investors, but little impact on luxury buyers. The expected effect of the "spicy", the SAR government financial services and the Treasury Secretary Chen Jiaqiang 5, said that the Hongkong property market hot, for the reason of large investors due to avoid impact since the people living in welfare and maintain market stability, the government improve the relevant tax rate to cool the building. In the past, the market will stabilize because of the new measures, the effect is expected to be the same. For the media questioned the new measures the tax rate is too high, Chen Jiaqiang responded that the Hongkong property market investment to maintain the atmosphere of excitement, and the next few months, will appear on the market uncertainties, including the results of the U.S. presidential election on December and expected the fed to raise interest rates, so the effect will be the government moves)相关的主题文章: