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To the death _ culture _ [Abstract] a lot of other people, the last stage of life, to a decent meal, walking may be covered more than the dignity. Even in a nursing home, it is possible that a locked door is a small one. Open a joke, before people seem to be casual will die. In addition to the limitations of medical technology, the crime of murder is not so easy to grasp, and so on, there is another reason, compared to living, they are more concerned about how to live. Like the assassin, who died as a friend, a word not just Dutch act apology. Rather than struggling to live, they care more about their own actions to Ming Junchen meaning, can prove that the world of moral and personal loyalty. The development of modern science, technological innovation, so that modern people can live longer. The medical staff also to "ensure the pursuit of health and survival" technology research and development continue to progress, to complete the correct treatment with drugs to surgical knife, accurate appropriate, but may often forget the quality of life in the first place. The Oscar for best animated short film "old woman" with the death of death does not make the dying woman doctor is awe and death and began a life and death battle even if death is inevitable, family and friends but also dedicated to retain patients with ventilator, pacemaker, maintain the patient’s life, live one day at a time. May be blind to his pain and mental torture. Fear of death we seem to be afraid of death. Belivo and Kim Glass believes that "man is the only one in biology will not stay to meet the survival and continuation of racial and other basic functional requirements of species, the pure love of life (and its derived from the pursuit of success and progress of value) makes the" death "of the inevitable words extraordinarily it is difficult to accept. Especially in this era, people are accustomed to excessive consumption, the definition of success is more confined to the material and power of possession, and more and more neglected reflect the fragility of life, death is regarded as the ultimate tragedy in life, is simply ignored, even denied escape." We have this fear of death, can also be seen in our attitude towards it. We discuss taboo death, even the word "death" are seldom mentioned. We tend to use vague words to express the "death", we will say "the immortal by a crane to go", or "dead", or the area dubbed "sell Salted Duck Egg to"… Mai Taijiao and how the child said dad is dead "though death may not as it was so short (not a neat small experience a smallpox died, or death), but before humans did not find ever-young medicine, death is still inevitable, whether it is old in the state is very healthy, or suffering from disease trouble. Live in a healthy condition, is the ideal state. Heart and vascular disease has been the leading cause of death in the world today. The number of deaths caused by cancer and other chronic diseases is increasing in the world. With the disease, death becomes a long process, not a sudden, no sign of death. However, because we are so afraid to die, and not ready to face the death, even absurd field相关的主题文章: