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The Ministry of public security, the exposure of 100 units of major fire hazards 5 factories in Hunan to prevent and curb serious fire accidents, and earnestly safeguard the public fire safety, May to September this year, the Ministry of Public Security launched a nationwide summer fire inspection special action. Recently, the Ministry of public security focused on the exposure of 100 major fire hazard units, to further promote the summer fire inspection and rectification of major fire hazards. It is understood that the unit was named exposure is a serious impact on public safety, fire prone casualties caused by a major fire hazard units. Among them, all kinds of shopping malls market reached 23, labor-intensive enterprises, hotels, hotels, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, a total of 14 of the total number of 22, a total of 75%. According to reports, the exposure of the main unit according to the requirements of fire protection facilities configuration or intact effective and safe evacuation channel blockage, occupying the passage of fire engines, fire spacing or fire hazard does not meet the requirements. The Ministry of Public Security Fire Department official said, as a further summer fire inspection special action, focus on major fire hazard exposure unit, tracking reports and rectification, to mobilize all forces to participate in the special action, the formation of remediation major fire hazard strong public opinion, promote the rectification of major fire hazards, effectively improve the whole the fire prevention level of society. Next, the public security fire department will work with relevant departments to strengthen the supervision and rectification of hidden units. [news] link Title: National 100 major fire hazards unit Chinese fire source: micro-blog Beijing Daxing District Long Rui super flea market Changping District Lukai property management limited liability company Qunying new recreational park area Huairou District Hao training Limited Development Zone Xudong Property Management Co. Ltd. Tianjin Development Zone building, Tianjin city occupation disease prevention and control center of Beijing Sheng purchase information technology Co., Ltd. Tianjin branch warehouse first people’s Hospital of the Sixth Hospital of Chengde city Hebei Shijiazhuang Hebei Xinyuan Industrial Co. Ltd. Cangzhou Taigu Property Service Co. Ltd. Shanxi Yangquan city China United Network Communications Corp Xinzhou branch Changzhi Licheng Hotel Management Co. Ltd. Shanxi The Elephant Animal Husbandry Group Co. Ltd. Lvliang branch Inner Mongolia Manchuria food Rand Executive Hotel Horqin Vocational College of Art People’s Hospital of Alxa Right Banner Liaoning Huize Hotel QianChuan Etuokeqi Dalian Zhongnan building B, Anshan City, Dandong City, Donggang City, thousands of apartments for the elderly occupation education center in Liaoyang City, Liaoyang County Hospital of Tieling City Changtu County Bao Town Center home Jilin Energy Bureau of Jilin province office building in Jilin Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau office building north of Jilin city square of Baicheng City, Yu Hua Qi Property Service Co. Ltd. Baishan City Nanling Trade Center in Songyuan City, Wang Hulan District Harbin Heilongjiang jiatianxia industry market to double center market in Qigihar City Tiefeng District shop相关的主题文章: