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Private: hard to break the pattern of short-term market volatility – Fund Channel Shanghai Composite Index since the two quarter continued to 3000 points in the vicinity of a narrow range of fluctuation, the four quarter of the market can break the pattern of shocks? Part of the interview with the private sector believes that the short-term market volatility pattern is difficult to break, the future needs to select stocks outperform shock city. A series of economic data recently released by the National Bureau of statistics showed signs of economic stabilization. Before the three quarter GDP grew 6.7%; in September to achieve PPI 4 and a half years for the first time since September from negative to positive; monetary and credit data is better than expected, as loans to the real economy to support the activities of the enterprise was restored. Despite the economic data improved, but the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city market still maintain a consolidation pattern. On the face of it, this week is the intensive economic data released, the Shanghai composite index is still around in line narrow range; Shanghai and Shenzhen two city average daily turnover of 500 billion yuan, the lack of market sentiment. Although the market continued, the private part is quietly layout. Private institutions Hengtai Rong’an chairman Zhao Jiangtao believes that the current market is the bear market bottom, in turn is bull market to start again. Only last year, the stock market volatility, the market volatility is small, small volume. Although the index at 3000 points near the location of the shock, but the market has a number of stocks have no small gains." Star stone investment and investment decision-making committee vice chairman Yang Ling said that three consecutive quarters of GDP growth of 6.7%, China’s economy is at the bottom of the L shaped growth. With the continuous advance of supply side reform, micro enterprise profitability is expected to gradually improve; fiscal policy continued to force, the PPP project accelerated landing and infrastructure investment continue to put negative pressure, can hedge the real estate regulation on economic growth continues, the economic structure optimization and economic development trend. "From the comparison of real estate assets, such as bonds and stocks configuration point of view, to pay attention to the A shares relative value advantage time; macroeconomic improvement of enterprise profit data, restore market confidence, A shares are key factors to affect the long-term healthy development of the future." Yang Ling said. However, there are some private relatively cautious. Gray, general manager of Beijing asset management center, said that in October and the four quarter of the market, there are some risks in the market in the year of. At the same time, if the price inflection point, will lead to a number of related industries in the short term recession, which affects the performance of many listed companies. But Zhang Kexing also believes that the overall market risk relative to last year at 5000 o’clock has been a substantial release, the future may continue to be structured market, while some companies already have investment value.相关的主题文章: