Sina Sichuan _ reintroduction failure _索尼a350

Sina Sichuan _ reintroduction failure _ reintroduction failure "treatment" is too good to eat too much the weight exceed the standard, in order to help the heron fly back to health, the same day, the police Zhang Xiaorong and colleagues will be sent to the station by Shifang district animal shelter treatment Jiudingshan Nature Reserve management. "At that time, in addition to the foot has a slight scratch, the rest did not find obvious scars. It should be because of cooling, as well as the difficulties caused by poor nutrition." The staff back straw warm heron, and procurement of loach, let it eat fish. In November 4th, Heron has begun to restore health, able to stand and walk, can also self feeding. After more than and 20 days of feeding, the body gradually recovered. "By this time we carefully fed, its state is recovering well, mainly to feed it and loach fish." According to the area of wild animal rescue rescue station Wang Ge Jiudingshan Nature Reserve, through a period of feeding, a mental state is quite good, that it has arrived at the rescue station flying conditions. 23 day, do a final check before flying after rescue workers for the mark ring will soon return to natural Heron sleeve, bring it to me in a horse Jingzhen yazihe, terrain open and there are many egrets dwelling place, want to fly away. The only captive for more than and 20 days due to a temporary heron, on the environment and not to excessive eating, after several thump, plunged into the pond. Repeated attempts after nearly an hour, still failed to successfully take off. In desperation, the staff can only put back the heron. In this regard, the protection of Zhanfuzhanchang Lai Xulin, Heron birds into the general weight of 1 kg, the protection station delicious drink, the heron too little exercise, estimated length of 3 to about two, "too fat, not fly".相关的主题文章: