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The new "Alibaba" will be born? Sun Zhengyi once again wins the new field, heavily heavy – Sohu technology this paper required a special thanks to Tsinghua University Professor Xie Zhen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor James · Collins to give support and guidance. In October this year, Japan’s Softbank (SoftBank) combined with AME Cloud Ventures, Data Collective, Draper Fisher, Jurvetson (DFJ), Iconiq Capital, Innovation Endeavors, Obvious Ventures, Prelude Ventures LLC, Tao Capital Partners, Two Sigma Investments’s top nine investment companies, to a name not seen by the turn of the start-up company Zymergen total investment 130 million dollars, which is from Softbank for $31 billion to complete the acquisition of chip maker ARM was just the last 1 months. After the completion of the B round of financing, the former U.S. energy secretary, Nobel laureate Zhu Diwen will join the board of Zymergen. Zymergen was founded in 2013, mainly for the development of genetically engineered bacteria for industrial fermentation, headquartered in California, Emeryville. Recently, the Silicon Valley star venture company in the field of biotechnology is more active in the expansion, and announced that it will build an engineering center in the United States one of the main technology center in Seattle, plans to take two of the company’s main business — Data Science and software engineering. Before, more than 75 technology giants such as Dropbox, Twitter, Salesforce, eBay, Facebook and other construction centers in Seattle to explore the technical talent here. The company received $2 million seed fund in February 2013, and last year received $44 million A round of investment. In short, Zymergen currently has three technical advantages: synthetic biology, machine learning and automation. The main development for gene engineering bacteria fermentation, the fermentation method is described for the use of genetically engineered bacteria screened, and machine learning, automatic analysis and bioinformatics, and it is all around the expansion of synthetic biology. Josh Hoffman CEO Josh Hoffman is threatened, Zymergen can easily increase the profits of any industry company 3-5 times Zymergen. For example: the cost of a production of special fuel additive company $300 million a year in purchasing microorganisms, while Zymergen can improve the microbial productivity of 20%, which will save the purchasing cost of $60 million. What is synthetic biology about synthetic biology? If you use the most shallow相关的主题文章: