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30 year old Peng Shuai interpretation of what is not to give up 8 months ranking soared more than 600 Peng Shuai from the sports + reporter Xie Wei reported in March this year, Indian Wells, is the first time to participate in a singles match, Peng Shuai back then, her world ranking hovering over 700, it is going to go to the thousands of big slide. 30 years old, had undergone a major surgery, the knee cartilage was not only through the injection of lubricant to maintain the high intensity of the ability to fight against the sport, when all people are not optimistic about the prospects for the comeback of Peng Shuai’s two. Really too difficult, especially she also adhere to double positive double reverse play, the game itself is running extremely demanding, and Peng Shuai at the peak of pace has been her weakness, how to expect the 30 year old Peng Shuai in such a big surgery to improve these has been with her technical defects? Indian, Miami, Charleston, Nottingham, Wells, Bermingham, Wimbledon, the Olympic Games, the US Open, 8 tournament level game, Peng Shuai won only one race: in the first round of Miami win Ukraine Ivan grams. "To be honest, I didn’t think I could win the game, I was back in time for the olympics. At that time, my body was very limited, and a lot of the action that I could easily finish was not done at that time." Peng Shuai said, if not this year is the Olympic Games, she will never return so early, "this is for sure, no games would not (come back), after all age here, could not recover so quickly." Hard to find on the Tour victory, Peng Shuai only moved to ITF, she became famous after the 2005 season is almost not in low level events involved in. As has been ranked among the highest in the world 15, reached the top 4 Grand Slam champion, Peng Shuai in the ITF arena did not amount to much cheaper. Shenzhen, Anning, Zhengzhou and Tianjin, the 4 stop, she failed to win a championship. "Could be a long and arduous process, I choose surgery when the doctor told me how much risk, no one can guarantee that I will return to the previous one hundred percent, can come back to play I have been very happy." I asked Peng Shuai, those months can not win the day, anxious? Ever cry? "Cried, to tell the truth, but not because of losing. Because the more time to come back, the more able to understand that they can not return to the past. But I have to learn to accept this fact, to accept their slower than before, the fact that a high pressure before the turn may not be difficult, but now can not fight. These are all I have to do, and I have to return to play tennis must accept." Broad net net win against Zheng Saisai, Dawei, Miami’s victory and, when Peng Shuai went to Tianjin to win only 3 games in the WTA race. At that time that Peng Shuai can win the first crown, many people will probably think is Arabian Nights. Maybe God likes to joke about it, Peng Shuai is struggling for more than a decade of career crown, even in all the time she felt the most unlikely. After winning, Peng Shuai cried, "I really love tennis very much." When Peng Shuai tearful say this sentence, then the hard heart will be touched. Tianjin and Shenzhen 100K win, let Peng Shuai this week.相关的主题文章: