Hacking incident or lead to Verizon to abandon the deal with YAHOO-残清1864

The hacker event or cause Verizon to abandon the transaction with YAHOO Verizon CEO BI Chinese station McAdam reported in October 14 Reuters reported that Verizon’s lawyers claimed, about 500 million users of YAHOO data hackers breached may have substantial impact on the company’s acquisition of YAHOO’s deal. Verizon lawyer Clegg · Silliman (Craig Silliman) said in a statement to the media, "I think we have reasonable grounds to believe that this effect is substantial, we will ask YAHOO to show us the full effect. If they don’t think that’s the case, then they need to show us the real situation." In July, Verizon offered $4 billion 800 million to buy YAHOO, but the deal is not yet complete. In September this year, YAHOO confirmed that the company accounts for about 500 million of the users were stolen by hackers, which may be the largest in the history of user data theft by hackers case. The hacking incident took place in 2014, and YAHOO even accused the incident as "state sponsored acts" (state-sponsored actor). After the disclosure of the destruction of YAHOO, some people began to question whether YAHOO has fully explained to the Verizon, saying the move could affect the merger between the two companies. Silliman’s statement appears to be putting pressure on YAHOO to prove that YAHOO hacking incident will not have a substantial impact on M & A transactions between the two sides. Yahoo Corp spokesman said in a statement to BI, we are very confident about the value of YAHOO, we will continue to move forward with the integration of Verizon." Not long ago, the New York Post reported that due to the impact of these hacking incidents, Verizon hopes to buy YAHOO’s transaction price cut $1 billion. This Monday, Verizon CEO Lowell · (Lowell McAdam); McAdam was asked about the matter, in this regard, McAdam said in response, "New York post" reported "is entirely speculation". (compiled by Jin Quan) (U.S. Business Insider works related to the rights and interests of Chinese exclusive Tencent Inc all. Without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. WeChat public number: BI Chinese station]相关的主题文章: