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The economic slowdown worries continue to boost gold gold TD yesterday received a small candle, shows that the market strength side, the highest reach 239.15, the lowest of 237.5, amplitude reached 165 points, today focus on the U.S. ADP data. Fundamentals: the Fed’s 2016 annual Commission hawks George on Wednesday as in the past published a hawkish speech, but the market seems to be for George’s speech is not cold. George said that the interest rate hike in December is the beginning of the gradual tightening of monetary policy, the Federal Reserve is understandable cautious state, should adhere to the gradual interest rate hike road. The US economy is in a "good position" and will guarantee further interest rates. The fundamentals of the United States are strong enough to support sustained growth. The Fed should not be overly responsive to market trends, but should focus on the economy. It’s not surprising that the U.S. job growth rate is moderate, inflation is positive, and price stability remains roughly the same. Technical aspects: the daily line, the Bollinger channel is tilted upward, MACD trend shows on the 0 axis, red column situation, trend is more; in the hour line, the Bollinger channel is in the tilt upward trend, the trend line is too much. Gold TD: focus on stress 239.57. Bottom support: 238. Take 238 as the long and short watershed, rise structure to do more, the target to see 240. For reference only, strict control of stop loss. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

经济放缓忧虑继续助力黄金   昨日黄金TD收一根小阳线,显示市场力度偏多,最高触及239.15,最低探至237.5,波幅达165点,今日关注美国ADP数据。   基本面:   美联储2016年票委鹰派的乔治周三一如既往的发表鹰派言论,但市场似乎对于乔治的言论并不感冒。乔治称,12月加息是循序渐进收紧货币政策的开始,美联储处于可理解的谨慎状态,应该坚持渐进式加息之路。美国经济处于“良好的位置”,将保证进一步加息,美国基本面的强劲程度足以支持持续增长。美联储不应当对市场走势作出过度回应,而应当关注经济。美国就业增速温和并不会让人感到意外,通胀率偏正面,与物价稳定性大致保持一致。   技术面:   日线来看,布林通道处于倾斜向上,MACD趋势显示处于0轴之上,红柱态势,趋势偏多;小时线来看,布林通道处于倾斜向上的态势,趋势线偏多。      黄金TD:关注压力239.57。下方支撑:238.0。以238.0为多空分水岭,出现上升结构做多,目标看240。仅供参考,严格控制止损。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: