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Arts-and-Entertainment Remember a decade or so ago when reality television really blew up? It all started with Survivor and then suddenly we had Fear Factor, The Amazing Race, The Bachelor, and dozens more. It slowly took over television and that was okay for the time being. Before that we had few shows of that nature, mainly it was The Real World and Road Rules, both on MTV and geared towards a much younger generation. Plus, it was hard to distinguish what was real and what those kids were told to do to create drama. But like most fads, I thought this one would go away. Twenty four seasons later, Survivor is still on television and I don’t know a soul who watches it anymore. Reality TV has now reached a point where everyone, and boy do I mean everyone, has their own show. Just a few months ago I was forced to watch a show about a business that creates custom fish tanks. Fish tanks! Who cares? I know I don’t! We have shows about ice road truckers, fishermen, ax men, and every has-been, washed up celebrity family. (Now that’s a whole new topic I’ll tackle in a bit.) If you have a job, the History Channel or TLC is going to make a television show about it. You know why there are no fictional shows about these people? Because their lives are boring. Isn’t the entire point of watching television shows and movies to escape our boring reality? That’s not to downplay our own lives, they’re interesting to an extent, but they can’t really .pare with Harry Potter or X-Men. Those people have what I think are exciting and interesting lives. When did Americans suddenly be.e intrigued by what their neighbor is up to? I don’t know what’s more painful, watching a show about people catching shrimp or seeing what the Braxton family is up to. I’m sorry Toni Braxton. I loved your music in the 90s but you’re no longer relevant. Nor are Tia and Tamera Mowry or Hulk Hogan. It’s fun for a few minutes to see what they’re up to, but each show is the same. We realize these washed up celebrities are up to a whole lot of nothing. Reality television shows first drew us in because it was exciting to see the average Joe finally getting a taste of the limelight. But now it’s overkill. It’s played out, or at least it is for me. Maybe reality shows are so big because so many fictional shows are lacking. It’s only 2012 and it appears Hollywood has officially run out of ideas. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: