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Arts-and-Entertainment We all know that next to diamonds, flowers are a girls best friend. And even more so if it is given on a Romantic Occasion. But even if it is not for a romantic occasion, if you want to win the woman in your lifes heart all over again, and make her feel very special why not take a look at the list of top 10 most romantic flowers and their meaning? This way you could add a card to the flowers saying what the flowers mean and why you chose them for her specifically. The Top 10 Number 10: The Iris The Iris means hope and faith. If your partner is going through a difficult time in her life why not give her a bunch of Irises to let her know that if nobody believes in her or she doesnt believe in herself anymore, you still have faith in her. There are three types of Irises; the Bearded Iris, the Arid Iris and the Beardless Iris. Number 9: The Sunflower This happy flower is the national flower of Russia and if you want to thank that special lady for her loyalty towards you, this would be the flower to give her. Number 8: The Wildflower A family member to the sunflower family, the Wildflower and its exotic beauty has been given on Valentines Day for as long as one can remember. No wonder it means adoration. If you absolutely adore the lady in your life and think she is the most beautiful woman in the flower does give her Wildflowers. Number 7: The Lilac If you know you did something that hurt and upset your partner, and youre wondering if she still loves you, why not find out by giving her Lilacs. Remember to include a card that says: Do you still love me? Number 6: The Carnation If you have known your partner or the woman in your life for a very long time, but till this day, are still mighty fascinated by her, this is your opportunity to tell her and include a card saying why. The pink Carnation has been long associated with that of a womans love. Number 5: The Orchard Love, beauty, seduction and refinement; dont you think this sums up some excellent qualities that makes a woman so fascinating and attractive? If you love your partner, think shes beautiful and find yourself swept up by her manner to seduce her, you simply have to buy her Orchards. Number 4: The Lily If you think the special lady in your life is the most beautiful (beauty) woman in the world Lilies would be the right flower to tell her so. Number 3: The Tulip In the Victorian language red tulips are a declaration of love. If you think and know that youve found perfect love and share a beautiful, loving relationship with the woman in your life, give her the flower of perfect love. Number 2: The Daisy Innocent, loving, loyal and pure; does this describe the woman in your life? Tell it to her with a big bunch of Daisies. Number 1: The Rose Yes, youve guessed correctly. But what does this popular flower associated with romance means? I love you. Tell that special lady in your life what you think about her and what she really means to you by giving her one of the top 10 most romantic flower. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: