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Internet-Marketing Many sites can live or die by their Google search engine ranking. While there are more search engines out there, the bulk of people still use Google. And while you may use pay-per-click advertising to get placements at the head of the page, folks still trust the natural search results more. So it’s in the best interest of you and your site that you do all you can to maximise your Google search engine ranking. Now, I’m not suggesting that you spend all of your time obsessing about your Google search engine ranking, or that you throw a lot of money at it. The key is that you get the maximum bang for your buck – do the most you can yourself to boost your Google search engine ranking, consider spending money on an external company to help with your SEO only when you’ve done all you can yourself. And there are many things that you can do yourself to improve your Google search engine ranking, and one of the best places to get info about how to do it is at Google itself. Google has a wealth of information about how they judge websites, and what they like and what they do not. Anyone that wants to improve their Google search engine ranking wishes to go to Google’s website owner Tools section and read pretty much everything that’s there. Once you understand what Google wants and how they believe, it’s a lot easier to create and maintain your site in a way that Google likes. And when Google likes something, yup, you have guessed it, it results in a higher Google search engine ranking. The next thing you can do to boost your Google search engine ranking ( and one that you are going to find mentioned on their site ) is to concentrate on having good, useful content. One of the major goals of the bots and the actual folk over at Google is to eliminate crimes, scams, and fly-by-night sites that pop up overnite. If you focus on having high-value content that hopes to provide information or a service, Google will see that and you’ll be treated just like a valid, educational sight – because you are. It could be alluring to take short cuts and go for the fast fix, but if you need to last in the web world, and get that good Google search engine ranking and keep it, then you want to focus on sustained quality for all aspects of your website. Stop squandering precious time with ineffectual and superseded strategies that do absolutely nothing for your Google search engine ranking. Get the tools and training which will have you dominating the search sites and crushing the competition today! Check out ..web2mayhem.. now! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: