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Travel-and-Leisure Malaysia, located in Southeast Asia, is a place that is world-famous for its scenic beauty and natural attractions. Hence, it has earned the reputation of being one of the most popular global tourist destinations. Even though, every part of this island nation has galore of attractions, its eastern part that is also called Malaysian Borneo, boasts of some of the top hot spots of this country. This area is known for its lush green forests, high range mountains and beautiful caves, and some of its prominent attractions are Mount Kinabalu, Tawau Hills Park, Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Batu Caves and Mulu Caves. If you plan to tour this country, then go for a Malaysia tour package. Mulu Caves Discovery and Formation Located deep down in the Gunung Mulu National Park of Sarawak, the Mulu Caves was explored by G. E. Wilford, a member of the Malaysia Geological Survey Department, in 1961. Later during 1977-1978, many more caves were discovered in this region. It was ascertained that these caves were formed nearly 5 million years ago as a result of sideways movement of the Earth, along with subsequent formation of limestone and sandstone mountains. Years of torrential rainfall and dripping of water onto these mountains led to the formation of these great caves of Mulu. Different Caves of Mulu The Deer Caves of Mulu is known to have the largest cave passage in the world that is home to wrinkle-lipped bats. These caves are accessible through the Rainforest Discovery Walkway. Inside these caves, small water streams from the roofs flow down and beautifully merge with river passages. At the end of the cave lies the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve showers, from where water plunges 30 m down and joins the river passage flowing inside. The Land Caves here have beautiful stalagmites (long pointed piece of rock ejecting from the floor of the cave) and stalactites (long pointed piece of rock hanging down from the roof of the cave). The roof of this cave has shining webs spun by thread worm larvae. On the other hand, the Clearwater Caves are known for the thundering sound of a river flowing beneath it that shows up at the exit of the caves. Tourists need to get a guide to enter into the premises of these caves. Another of the interesting caves here is the Racer Caves that have rough terrain with long winding passages. You can see some evolved and rare insect species of this region. To visit this splendid location, you can book from various Malaysia tour packages that are available of various travel portals. So, pack your bags and come to this island nation to explore and experience its natural beauty. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: