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Confused Between Surrogacy And Adoption? Posted By: Akshat Pradhan

Best IVF centre in Delhi NCR Can Surrogacy Work For You? Posted By: ved kumar Ankita works in a leading digital media agency – she works hard and parties harder. Every now and then, she goes out to travel different parts of the country. She’s married for nearly two years and has a wonderful husband – when you first meet her, you cannot tell this girl would have a complaint for life – but she does have. For one and a half years, Ankita and her husband are trying for a baby – but things aren’t just going their way. Last month, the two met a gynaecologist who first gave them some medications and then put them through several tests. Turned out – both are infertile. After a lot of medications, their doctor recommended them surrogacy. Ankita just wasn’t fit enough to carry the child for nine months. They chose the best IVF treatment in India. All that surrogacy needs is donated eggs from the mother-to-be and donated sperm from the father-to-be, technology – IVF, and a really good doctor. They chose the best IVF centre in India for the surrogacy. The doctors there arranged it all.

best IVF Centre in Delhi What To Do When You Find Out About Your Infertility? Posted By: ved kumar

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