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Careers-Employment The recruitment landscapes for both job seekers and employers have been greatly revolutionized by online job sites. These have greatly increased the efficiency with which the decisions pertaining to hiring process are taken. We dont live in an era where accessing online recruitment is limited to the tech savvy people. Today the professional employers and recruiters rely on the online job portals as their primary source for hunting professional talent. There has been a .plete shift in the manner the .panies carry out their recruitment process. Online recruitment portals have witnessed a meteoric rise in their number. These have revolutionized the manner in which the .panies look for the right candidates in their organizations. Reduction in hiring time Online recruitment offer quick interaction during the hiring process. It just requires less than 20 minutes for the employers to post a job ad on career sites. The responses follow almost immediately. The posting remains active for a couple of days and applicants keep submitting their resumes during the period the job ad is active. In .parison to the traditional methods of recruitment where the ads take a lot of time to get noticed in the newspaper, the online recruitment process is pretty quick. 70% faster recruitment takes place in online recruitment process in .parison to traditional methods. Online recruitment process calls for quick receipt of applications, CV filtering, managing contacts and also the workflow process. Reduction of cost of hire The cost of placing job ads or looking for the right candidates can be brought down by 90% with the use of online job portals. Wider employer reach Traditional employment methods are limited by geography, career level and industry parameter. Online recruitment allows the employers to have active and current talent database and covers all industries, regions and career levels. The .pany invests in ensuring a diverse, relevant and high quality database. Wider candidate reach Candidates can greatly benefits from posting their CVs on online job sites. They can access jobs in industries, locations and .panies. They can apply immediately and in a convenient manner. Once they have their CVs posted online, they can be easily contacted by recruiters or employers directly. State-of-art filtration tools Latest technologies are offered by the leading job portals. The filtration techniques are also stringent and ensure that the candidates are highly qualified. Many online portals offer unique search criteria by providing the latest sorting criteria. Promotes confidentiality Both job seekers and employers can maintain the confidentiality. Employers can scan through the databases without even placing an ad on the portal if the vacancy is quite sensitive. The vacancy can also be posted by retaining confidentiality in the .pany name. Candidates can post their resumes online by retaining their names and even the .pany name confidential. Allows for pro-activity The recruiter/employer is in .plete control of the online recruitment hiring process. Real-time contacting of candidates is possible and the need for the middlemen is eliminated in filtering, assessing and selection of the candidates. A superior match is ensured. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: