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Business Many people all over are currently looking for jobs or thinking about what kind of career they must opt for better future. Like many other career paths, human resource is one of them, in which an individual can shape his/her career, dealing with managing of resources and benefitting the .pany with various responsibilities. An HR manager has a lot of responsibilities with regard to management of an organization and many of them are very different from one another. They are in-charge of the whole hiring process of the resources, from recruiting applicants to training them respectively; in the fields they need to take extra effort to make a mark and even giving them titles after they are hired. The focus of the functions of human resource has taken the next level from being just pure cost centre to maximizing the returns of the investment made by the .pany during its initial stages. However, in the course of time the functionalities of human recourse have developed significantly. There are consultancy agencies who guide the .panies by providing beneficial HR practices, which would prove advantageous to them to strategize their functioning and progress towards success. HR is in-charge of the development of the organization in terms of management, where he/she should be able to minimize the financial risk from hitting the proper functioning of the organization, and, recruit skilled and qualified individuals, so as to mark the path of recognition and success of that particular individual and even the .pany. HR is bestowed the responsibility of managing the relationship between the industry and the employees, keeping them aware of the new additions happening in the industry. The conduct, behavioral management, .pensations and employee benefit management are few issues that the HR needs to deal with, accordingly, to motivate the staff to perform better. Training and development of the staff needs an extra attention for which HR, co-ordinates with the staff and the trainers, who requested to train the employees who needs to be guided through to prove beneficial to the organization. These are few of the HR functions that the consultancy agencies offer the .panies to perform better and progress in terms of driving revenue and making profit. The consultancy agencies role in driving HR process and improving it are, career path planning for employees to be able to shape their careers in their respective fields, allocate rewards and recognition for those performing marvelously by driving profit to the .pany, recruiting potential resources that could prove beneficial for the .pany and retain them may what .e their way. The main function of the HR is to maintain a positive workplace ambience and culture to keep the motivation on within the employees. The best HR practices, provided by the agencies help in the development of the .pany in various ways. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: