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A basketball association refused to respond to ban: first say the wrong ah Lian temporarily refused to respond to the Basketball Association Basketball Association announced a joint ticket ticket: throwing shoes suspended for 1 games, Guangdong fined 50 thousand Tencent sports news November 3rd (reporter Chen Yueze) Beijing time on November 3rd, Chinese Basketball Association held a media briefing in Beijing, it was announced for Yi Jianlian because in the game in sports equipment violations punishment decision. Yi Jianlian said he is not appropriate to comment. Beijing time on November 2nd, Guangdong against Shenzhen in the men’s basketball game, Yi Jianlian took off the League official sponsor of the game in the shoes of Lining, then put on Nike shoes to complete the game. In violation of the provisions of the league, the basketball association also give Yi Jianlian criticized and suspended for a punishment, and fined 50 thousand yuan of funds Guangdong club. November 3rd, Yi Jianlian followed the Guangdong team at home training, 4, where they will play against Jilin. After the training, Yi Jianlian returned to Guangdong and stayed at the club for 30 minutes. When asked whether the association of punishment has known, Yi Jianlian does not have any position. When a reporter asked Yi Jianlian, when the views for punishment, O has declined the interview, "do not say first, right……" For tomorrow morning will be the team to participate in the training, Yi Jianlian said: "it is not too clear."相关的主题文章: