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A couple in Zhengzhou downtown come true two false divorce court reporter Guo Yuehua – Zhengzhou city started again after a lapse of two years, the property market restriction order, in order to purchase places, "fake divorce" hot again. Since the National Day holiday after the first day, the Civil Affairs Bureau of divorced people lined up, some of the "divorce" a harmonious couple laughing and talking. For false divorce, it was quipped: divorce is a good feeling to buy a house, the feelings of those who dare to leave! But the reality of false divorce is not uncommon for the evolution of divorce. Legal professionals said, fake divorce, there are many legal risks. The case of "fake divorce divorce court had come true in October this year, the city of Zhengzhou to restart the restriction order, from the Zhengzhou city in August 9, 2014 abolished the property market restriction order has two years later, in order to purchase the number of fake divorce and heat up. Fake divorce risk to the lady and Mr. Zhu had a fake divorce and go to court and part company each going his own way. January 2011, Ms. Zhu signed a divorce agreement with the president, the agreement stated that the two sides due to serious personality differences, can not continue to live together, the couple’s feelings have been completely broken, voluntary divorce. After the park is located in Zhengzhou City, the streets of a house, the value of 200 thousand yuan, owned by Mr. Zhu, Zhu lady to a one-time payment of the entire 100 thousand yuan in cash, paid within one year after the signing of the agreement, the household appliances and furniture to the man all. Zhu and Ms. in 2011 in Zhengzhou on the streets of the District Civil Affairs Bureau to register the divorce, Mr. Zhu has not paid 100 thousand yuan to the woman, the original, Mr. Zhu and Ms. Department of false divorce". Zhu said that he and Ms. Yu in 2011 signed a divorce agreement is not a real divorce, the purpose is to purchase. After the divorce proceedings, the two sides still live together, living the same life as before. Time to August 2013, Mr. Zhu and a dispute with the woman, moved out to the woman. Mr. Zhu said that the mention of divorce agreement in the Department of real estate, purchase of the two sides during the marriage, a total of 138 thousand yuan, when the two sides are economic difficulties, Mr. Zhu’s parents invested 100 thousand yuan to buy a house, the money belongs to the common debts between the two sides, in the divorce division of property should be the debt reduction after segmentation. Because of the "fake divorce, the divorce agreement is only the form process, and will not contribute money to offset the parents finally divorced, after the real estate division should flush out the debt of 100 thousand yuan in the total price of 100 thousand yuan, the remaining segmentation. Mr. Zhu should be paid to the woman 50 thousand yuan fair and reasonable. Ms. Zhu to the court. After the court held that the terms of the divorce agreement on the division of property or the parties to the agreement on the division of property due to divorce, binding on both parties. Mr. Zhu and Ms. signed the divorce agreement is both true meaning, does not violate the prohibitive provisions of laws and regulations, the two sides should fully in accordance with the "divorce agreement" agreed to fulfill their obligations, "the agreement on the property of the divorce agreement" binding upon both parties. Mr Zhu argued that the two sides signed a divorce agreement, but相关的主题文章: