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A migrant worker father said, so that all parents are silent! Sohu – maternal school parents, at the beginning of seven, the parents of the students have continued to find their child’s seat, turn to sit. See, everyone is dressed up, some parents, some parents supercilious, refined and courteous, some parents slightly cautious, some parents careless. Is half past seven, with the approaching time, the teacher occasionally looked up at the clock on the wall, and the parents of the students proposed not to mind taking the trouble to answer all kinds of questions. Time is up, the teacher motioned to the parents of the quiet, the door gently closed, the teacher cleared his throat, is preparing to open, just close the door and gently opened. I saw a middle-aged man, covered with dust appeared in the doorway, with a smile on his face, with Guangdong Mandarin, a teacher to say sorry. The little voice, but attracted all parents eyes; I saw him wearing a faded blue clothes, with flecks of colored paint; trousers is full of dust, a hanging and a hanging, wearing boots, covered in mud. Look, I just came from the construction site. "The parents, your child is……" "I’m Wang Zhihao’s dad!" "Oh……" The teacher was surprised. "Excuse me, sir. Where shall I sit?" Look at the classroom full of parents, can not find a seat of Wang Zhihao’s father asked, laughing again. "That’s the right side of your seat!" Finished, the teacher turned to Wang Zhihao’s father, said, "please sign here, there is a pen!" I saw Wang Zhihao’s father took the pen, a face of fear, the sign of the turn of 360 degrees, also do not know how to write. The teacher thought he could not find the name of Wang Zhihao, and immediately came out with his finger." "Old, teacher, I, I can’t read……" Wang Zhihao’s father put his head down very low. The classroom burst into laughter. "Oh, it’s all right. I’ll sign it. Please go back to Wang Zhihao’s seat." "My parents, this is the last time the parents, the parents of this semester, thank you for the parents of our work have been strong support; today is short, I know that all parents are concerned about their children’s achievements," Wangzichenglong "is the wish of every parent, today, is please good grades of the parents came to power, about their children’s education, experience and methods." The classroom was in a riot, and the teacher waved his hand to signal that everyone was quiet. "Now ask Xu Haojie’s parents to come……" Xu Haojie’s parents had finished, two consecutive parents came up to tell their own parenting experience, what new ideas, is nothing more than how to strictly control their children, let children do more homework, please tutor to help children…… When the teacher asked Wang Zhihao to parents when he took office, a twitter on the classroom, all of a sudden in perfect silence. This is not the contrary to expectation, he is so poor, his children, how can such excellent results? Wang Zhihao’s father is not natural相关的主题文章: