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Several teammates mourning Zhu Ting: full Huo Xuan Xuan Huo match temperament good article from I love volleyball public today "I love women" to the public, together with the memory of a women’s volleyball team and everyone. Just yesterday, the former Chinese women’s volleyball team, Henan women’s volleyball team Huo Xuan died due to myocardial infarction died, only 28 years old. Huo Xuan was selected in 2009 Chinese had China women volleyball women’s volleyball team, is a very characteristic of the absolute main spiker, Henan women’s volleyball team. In the summer of 2015, "I love women", "knot", we have had exchanges and cooperation with Huo Xuan happy, seems like just yesterday. Today, Huo Xuan in different periods of some of his teammates different team hope that through the "I love women" on the expression of her nostalgia, like in heaven Xuan huo!                                  , the last day of October, heard the news of the sudden in Xuan Huo, I couldn’t believe. Really up to now I still think the impossible, some time ago we saw her, she was so careless, love love to laugh, the body looks good, how could suddenly in! Today, one day, the mood has been very bad, the heart can not tell the taste, sorry, sad. Circle of friends and her group of small partners have issued a document to express her last blessing, miss and her little bit together! Huo Xuan in the Henan team’s roommate, and she is also very good Wang Qian said: "good a person, did not say no, felt very sad, remember when we hit games together, she have a fever of 40 degrees, still adhere to the game finished, that must be fought side by side and teammates the win key ball! We have been together for ten years, but also want to have the next ten years, the past twenty years, this friendship was established from a young age, suddenly a friend can not accept a heart!" A group of Cheng Yan and Huo Xuan said: "she is very enthusiastic when training I twist to the feet, Huo Xuan took the initiative to put me back to Clinic, that scene was particularly impressed, you will always remember her!"   Huo Xuan gave me the feeling is loyal, loving friends, is very clever. When we go out to play together, it is her sister to take care of me a little more, you will ask me: sister, I help you step on the legs, relax!" Her mind very clearly, we have what things to do, she is always the first to say 12345 properly and logically arranged this point, so I especially admire.   now she’s gone, in retrospect, we all want to thank her for bringing us the joy and help, but also cherish the days of playing together. May the Huo Xuan way, take good care of yourself in heaven!                     &nbs Wen相关的主题文章: