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A review of Naples 3-0 Tohti kill Rome victory [it] information exposure Chelsea wash before January Premier League assists in Serie A for a living? Naples sports news Beijing September 12th Tencent away victory in the evening of September 11th, 2016-17 serie a season third round clash ended the contest. Naples road 3 to 0 victory over Palermo; Rome 3 to 2 victory over Samp Doria; and 1 1 draw with Lazio chievo. The match between Genoa and Florence was postponed due to heavy rain. In addition, Juventus (website data) Matus, Bologna and Atlanta respectively to win, AC Milan is 0 more than 1 lost to Udine J. Palermo 0-3 Naples AC Milan Naples wheel’s first win for the new season, the victories against Palermo, Naples look forward to the arrival of a row. Sixteenth minutes, Albiol small box melee attack door crossbar. Twenty-first minutes, Joe Erjiniao pass, Yin xinie shot from goalkeeper blocked. Thirty-second minutes, Rees Polly ball, shot from goalkeeper Jagalo. After three minutes, Hamm Sieck pass, shot was goalkeeper Milike. Thirty-sixth minutes, Yin xinie ball, kaliehong Leipzig top right box. Forty-first minutes, kaliehong pass in the corner, Hamm Sieck header high. Forty-fourth minutes, Callejon pass, all the way to the high attack. Forty-seventh minutes, Ghulam pass in the left manufacturing murder, Hamm Sieck will shoot the ball into the upper left corner of the goal, Naples 1 to 0 lead Palermo. Just four minutes later, Yin xinie pass again tear opponents defense, Callejon small restricted header hit the upper right corner of Naples, 2 more than 0 extended the lead. Sixty-fifth minutes, pass the ball Lipinski Qi Ling, kaliehong scored two ball into the lower left corner of the goal, Naples will score 3 to 0. Seventy-third minutes, Joe Erjiniao shot from the goalkeeper under. Seventy-seventh minutes, Joe Erjiniao ball, plus BYD, shot was saved the bottom line. In the end, Naples beat Palermo 3 to win streak of more than 0. Palermo (4-5-1): No. 1, No. 3, No. 5, Bo Savage Rispoli RAJKOVIC, No. 6, No. 19 Erdanijia case No. 14 Alexyevna Sami Gazi, 28 Jagalo (57 minutes, 25, Bruno – Enrique), No. 10, No. 23 Xilaimake Diamante, 20 Sallai (84 minutes, 27 Bendiweiniya) 11 Em Barrow (46 minutes, 30 Nestor Rawski) Naples (4-3-3): No. 25, No. 11, No. 26, Ma Qiao Reina, Albiol, Barry library No. 33 No. 31 No. 8 Erjiniao Joe Ghulam, 17 Hamm Sieck, 20 Zi Jerzy Lins (73 minutes, No. 5, No. 7 (Callejon Alan) 70 minutes, No. 14 Mertens, Milic (67) 99 minutes, No. 23, No. 24, Yin xinie Gabbiadini) Rome 3-2 Sampdoria Rome last round draw with Cagliari regret. In the face of a two game winning streak in Rome Sampdoria, ushered in the home court battle. Sixth minutes, Torella pass, Muriel shot deflected. Eighth points)相关的主题文章: