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A: the Korean version of "startling step by step", O’Young through to the prince in the bathing pool we still remember many years ago "Y" and "Xi" that make people sweat through the child to love? Recently the Korean version of "startling step by step –" "startling step by step:" Li also launched. Maintain the original characters, can put the whole story to the Korea dynasty. The director is to understand what you want to see people eat melon, the first episode stripped of almost all of the prince! All this stems from the "Korean O’Young" — IU crossing into the prince’s bath house…… (the writer will tease women adults real) just from the pond drowning stand up, is the front side of the bath, while many princes binge, this…… The scene is not too sweet?   I’m sure the girls are already on the way to finding the pieces……   in fact, "Li" startling step by step would not broadcast before the fire, not only because there is a Chinese version of the bead front, there are curious…… Just look at the water, old meat configuration, we have said: This screen is to not stop licking! Whether you love muscle and mature and beautiful type, you can find his cup of tea on the inside……   more foul is the first director for all stripped of all male cast drama, staged a public bathhouse naked Prince frolicking, women directly crossing into the elder brothers bathhouse "shortage of birth (Xing) (Fu) scene. Baths, as if you believe that we must think: This is not the wrong. In short, this drama is the sugar can not stop, the picture is too beautiful to look at.   so you made homeopathy for everyone Amway’s sons and the flesh…… Background of TV play.   in addition to the crossing is not all overhead, such as the story occurred in the dynasty that is real. The heroine through to the Korea times, Wang Jian Dynasty married 29 wives, 6 of whom became the queen, 3 sons have been the king. At that time the court does not divide the wives, each wife gave birth to the emperor’s eldest son has the opportunity to compete for the throne. The prince should turn out: Lee Jun-ki Wang Zhao four Prince (Korea fourth monarchs Siye) Guangzong played four Prince Lee Jun-ki, corresponding to the Chinese version of Nicky Wu, but the role is more violent and ruthless cold. Because a scar on his face and was the father mother brother was abandon, exclusion, withdrawn and Wang Zhao, because a child by her mother with a knife cut his face and has been wearing half mask image, known as "the dog". And his other like the masked killer like cold, of course, there are a lot of people say this mask like Tucao big bangs, anyway, not too like a prince. Of course, in her sister, the hero is always a great life, and miserable, according to sister. Lee Jun-ki standard peach phoenix eye has a very high degree of recognition, the side face than the actress also delicate is foul.   now Lee Jun-ki had beautiful youth is not "King’s man" feminine, "Li" and "startling step by step相关的主题文章: