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A woman to rehab the cruel boyfriend raise money to sell his own daughter Fuzhou News Network (micro-blog) (Fuzhou daily news November 8th (micro-blog) reporter Ren Siyan Yang Ming correspondent) just because worried about her boyfriend in the centre, no money, life is not good, the woman will Huang Moumou the balance of feeling inclined to her boyfriend, her less than half a year the daughter sold at a price of 38 thousand yuan, will sell her money to her boyfriend. The day before, Huang Moumou for selling their own by Jinan District procuratorate. According to reports, Huang Moumou has a son, after knowing Yang, the two established a relationship. Because Yang is a drug addict, not long Huang Moumou also infected with drug addiction, two people without fixed jobs and income sources. In July 2015, Huang Moumou in Jinan District hospital gave birth to a baby girl, because he is not also unable to raise the baby, and eldest son by Huang Moumou mother on behalf of their upbringing. November 2015, Yang was arrested in Guangdong, was forced to drug treatment for 2 years. In rehab, Yang repeatedly contact Huang Moumou, said he had no money in the centre, flowers, let Huang Moumou send money. One side is the side is the daughter cry piteously for food, hurried to send money drug own boyfriend, and penniless, Huang Moumou guilty of worry. In the end, she made a silly and ridiculous choice. In June this year, Huang Moumou sell her daughter’s things brought to light, was arrested by the police. (Fuzhou News Network (micro-blog)) >相关的主题文章: