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A young woman in Guangyuan killed suspects were arrested (Figure) is covered with blood related pictures (micro-blog) September 22nd at noon, Guangyuan City District of South Henan road murder occurred, a young woman was killed, it was a hot topic in Guangyuan. After the Chengdu Daily reporter rushed to the scene, the scene in a residential downstairs Street alley, according to nearby residents said the death of the woman body many knives, but the specific details are not clear. The scene of the incident near the supermarket boss Liu introduced, involving men and women is a couple or a couple is not clear, probably a small upstairs tenants rent, a lot of people in the vicinity are not very familiar with. Another witness said that after the incident, the suspect fled the scene, ran into the nearby Nanshan forest. The police and ambulances rushed to the scene, after the suspect, police with dogs. 1 pm, the suspect by the police and brought back to the scene to identify control. Suspects more than and 20 years old, there are a lot of blood on the body. September 22nd at 4 pm, Guangyuan City Public Security Bureau in the micro-blog "green Guangyuan released the case informed that: September 22nd 11 am, a resident of Guangyuan District of Henan South Loop occurred due to family disputes triggered the murder victim song Moumou died on the spot. After the incident, the public security organs immediately start the murder detection mechanism, multi police cooperation, to detect, at 12:50 PM, will be hiding in Nanshan Mountain suspect Moumou arrested. After the trial, Lee confessed to their crimes. At present, the case is still under further investigation. Chengdu Chinese commercial news client reporter Yang Ling Editor Li editor note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand the reading of a man killed in a dispute because of emotional disputes caused by his wife, Chen Yue 3 dead and 2 injured相关的主题文章: