Activision Blizzard looking for Han Han endorsement of the call of duty good advertising game better

Activision Blizzard looking for Han Han endorsement of the call of duty, the game is a good game to better advertising small partners in the game, the last two days must see a name called "said better than singing" H5. With the Han Han type three brain hole H5, imitation of Han Han micro-blog, but Han Han became a soldier, the flying. With someone else’s song, Han Han actually read the lyrics again. This is Activision Blizzard company produced the game "call of duty" advertising. Recently, the Chinese version of the game, call of duty Online officially signed Han Han became the spokesperson. Han Han himself is the "call of duty" series of players in the game. As early as 2014, he had to star status in the game platform, and a team in the Online game "call of duty", attracted a lot of attention. All along, Activision Blizzard company produced the "call of duty" series, invite live action games or shoot a trailer is a traditional. In Han Han in such Qingqi advertising at the same time, the American version of the "call of duty" also has a brain hole wide open advertisements. It is to find the flying fish Phelps and comedian Danny McBride. Phelps Phelps "the earth is too dangerous for me to go back to mars." Whenever the sigh of the world is not peaceful, there will always be someone to blurt out this joke like complaints. However, in the game "call of Duty: Infinite War", this setting has come true. The global situation in the turbulent, frequent terrorist attacks and troubling the presidential election…… 2016 was the worst year for the American people? So the protagonists jumped onto the spacecraft into space and took up arms against the enemy. Under the influence of fast and smooth editing and special effects, the whole science fiction. 2016: the worst of the year? "Many events happened in 2016," advertising agency 72andSunny Matthew Curry planning group creative director the ad said, "we think to leave the earth, can well express a kind of feeling happy, so they have let it go this idea! Let us god!" From the rock band "Welcome to the guns rose Jungle" became the theme song throughout the film. Matthew Curry explained that the classic rock songs can convey this rebellious sense of cool, "we screened a lot of music, finally," Welcome to the Jungle "a perfect fit escape this chaotic world feeling." "Call of duty" is the first person shooter game released by Activision Blizzard, which has released 13 works since 2003. Call of Duty: unlimited war is the latest work, will be released in November 4th this year. After reading these ads, there is no wake up your fighting spirit, you want to come soon? (public No.: see you sell)相关的主题文章: