Adolescent Obesity – The Blame Game-k-boxing

Home-and-Family The prevalence of weight issues among the tweenage generation has prompted debates between schools, parents, food giants and kids. The blame game is often played while our youth continue to tip the scales. This hot topic of Adolescent Obesity is the subject for the current episode of Teen Talk, an online video commentary feature hosted by former Nickelodeon hostess Chloe Dolandis. Teen Talk is a subsidiary of Kidfluence, an up-and-coming television show and Web site for today’s youth, tackling topics critical to the development of today’s teenagers. Obesity used to be looked at as only an adult issue, but with the rising statistics of overweight kids, this is a far greater problem than imagined. The fact that more kids today are having radical gastric bypass surgery only reinforces the necessity to explore this issue. Schools often serve as the scapegoat because of their documented unhealthy offering of food choices. Yet parents can set bad examples themselves by indulging in junk food and failing to closely monitor their child’s eating habits. At such impressionable years such as the tweenage ones, the responsibility for maintaing healthy lifestyles for our kids is a collaborative effort. Some ways to combat obesity include healthy diet and exercise, as I’m sure you know. You can always grab a healthy snack instead of sugary, processed foods. Also, make your exercise routine fun- get creative! Play Dance Dance Revolution for an hour and work up a sweat! In this current Teen Talk episode, Chloe presents the facts about adolescent obesity, analyzes what parents, schools and kids should be doing and offers a few tips. Teen Talk, which caters to today’s technology savvy teenagers, is meant to be highly interactive. Viewers are encouraged to send e-mail and comments on the blog ( Teen Talk is now airing on the Inter. via the web sites, YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video and myspace. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: