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90 financial story: again after 10 years will be nothing [Abstract] the post-80s girl which be afraid of three years monthly deposit 300, then 3 years 500 per month, then monthly for 3 years 800, 4 years after the 1000 month, she can have the lowest 100 thousand yuan… Want to tell you a pretty sad. The story of today. The reason is a new understanding of a 90 sister, the first thing after getting a monthly salary is also a credit card, the second thing is to buy a credit card to buy buy – the amount of next month. She means to sniff at the idea: "this year, who have savings? Of course it ah! Otherwise how so many people buy iPhone?" So the moon sister, zero savings, credit cards, sometimes even staging. You will find that when around a lot of people are doing each other, self deprecating "moonlight clan", as the "Moonlight" itself is a thing for granted, without mind. This is really looked impatient ah! Because of the long-term "moonlight clan" consequences, or very terrible. I hope this real case, still can give students a reminder of the moonlight, as a warning: it is the story of a 81 year old woman, has been working for nearly 13 years after graduation, in the traditional media industry in first-tier cities, 13 years has been editor in newspapers and magazines. Her salary rose from 3000 in 2004 to 12000 in 2016, it is also good, but compared with other students, ten years rank did not rise, so the wage increase is little. Because the woman is not planning for their own occupation career, her mind is simple, love editing work, also with such income, not planning job into high or high year-end bonus enterprises such as Internet Co, such as listed publishing group etc.. The problem is, not only of the occupation career planning of woman, even your financial situation is unsuspectingly, 30 several people, never forced savings, nor any investment. Money, have spent…… Woman is still a successful marriage, the marriage with her ex husband and for a set of real estate, more than and 70 square meters of the house as long as 300 thousand year, unfortunately they have not begun to divorce when prices skyrocketing, no so-called woman to the house to the man, took 20 thousand yuan to cleanse the family. This 20 thousand yuan, was a sister abroad travel light. Therefore, she was 35 years old, so far nothing, her family in the current price environment does not have the ability to support her first payment, then no woman savings no house no car, no money assets, can only continue to sell her time to earn income, until retirement, did not even have the ability to cope with a sudden accident. The story is finished. Although we do not know a woman like this situation to know how many people, but there is no doubt that this situation is bad, it can expand your life width, to bring you a better life experience is, unless the parties have a sense of security, can also be. You have to keep healthy and make sure you don’t get sick. You can blame the price, blame the uneven distribution of wealth, but the subjective initiative of the individual, the driving force of self-management, the total can not do it? We often said相关的主题文章: