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All rounder Rhodes ten years after the return to Changchun like home. Rhodes airport received a warm welcome in June last year, the new cultural newspaper first reported the "Universal Soldier" Rhodes · Gregoire hope to see Changchun news, and after a year in September 19th, the Jilin fans had brought infinite glory Star finally return! This time he returned with his mother and his youngest son, and his friends, the Rhodes team. Scheduled 9:30 arrived in the flight, the final delay of nearly an hour. When the Dragon arrived at the lobby of the airport, Rhodes pushed the baggage car out of the face of the welcoming fans, he said loudly: "hello!" He came home with a smile on his face. Ten years ago, the end of the season, Rhodes left Changchun returned to the United States, when he was a strong athlete, but left at the age of 37 to 47 year old Rhodes’s stature regression, although there is no aliasing, but has been put on the glasses, beard is white, this is years left in him. Rhodes is a lot of Northeast tigers fans of youth memories, and now he came back, it is time for everyone to regain their memory." Especially for Rhodes made banners of welcome fans Ma Dong said. "Going back to Changchun is like coming home." in the hall, Rhodes was surrounded by reporters and fans, which he had not seen for years. Rhodes team teammates did not expect their boss in Changchun has such a high popularity, many people have come up with a mobile phone to shoot the picture of an interview with reporters Rhodes. Wearing a suit, wearing a pair of glasses Rhodes’s first sentence is: "I finally returned to Jilin, back to Changchun." For Rhodes, the second season where he has fought for the past six seasons is his own home, "back to Changchun like home. There are a lot of friends who are missing, they are like my family, I feel very good to go home. For ten years, I’ve been watching the news about the Amur tigers in Jilin through the Internet and television." Rhodes was always in the Chinese buy some China manufacturing, back to the United States sold in their stores, so he was called "the international dealer". This time to return to the game Rhodes also said: "I want to return to the Changchun fans to give a wonderful game, but also to give our players to play the same as me, playing in CBA." Oh, Rhodes is still very business minded. Rhodes said in the interview before the new culture, especially want to go there are two: one is the Changchun City stadium, one is the province orphan school. But in yesterday reporter again asked the new culture of his time, Rhodes thought: "it is of course once fought hall, there are my dearest fans." By then, the province will have how many fans to watch Rhodes’s game? However, since the first tournament in Nong’an, Rhodes want to dream still need to wait. Processing aid matters club chairman Sun Jun last night to meet an old friend after Nong’an, first came to a big hug…… "Isn’t it me? This is me!" This time Rhodes’s return is not only a simple back talk, he also brought his friends basketball team "Rhodes’s team", they will with the Tao相关的主题文章: