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Alibaba Shenzhen an employee with depression home company reported Shenzhen news daily, a Shenzhen post drying out the medical staff Ali said he suffered from depression and said, "want to take their good go crazy". The posted records show, the local hospital has diagnosed as "moderate depression", "recommended drug treatment combined with psychological treatment", but "I refused medication". Admit "work pressure" according to the post description, after the staff for communication with colleagues is not caused by verbal conflict, resulting in a meltdown, and was sent to the hospital. Then due to think the original post is busy, pressure, in his request transfer to another department. But in the new Department, lack of professional knowledge, often insomnia, fear and emotional out of control. At present, the employee has been found. According to his colleagues said, the staff issued a net posts after the company reported to the police, contact their relatives, and his colleagues launched the city launched the search, 10 hours after the employee was escorted home and colleagues found. Alibaba responded to reporters, said: "the most important thing is to help the staff out of psychological difficulties, the company has contacted the relevant experts.". Due to the personal privacy of employees, it is inconvenient to disclose more information. From the net post description, job responsibilities of the employee is mainly after docking with the customer, the customer complaints and solve customer problems, needs a certain psychological adjustment and self adjustment ability. The incidence of depression is high but difficult to cure it is understood, depression has become the fourth disease, a reporter from the Shenzhen Corelle hospital learned that young adults 25~35 years of age and 60 years of age or older is a high risk group for depression. How to determine yourself suffering from depression? Yang Haichen, director of emotional disorders at Corelle hospital, told reporters that many people confuse depression with depression. Everyone will encounter depression, and for most people, this negative emotion will be eased within a few days. But there are 3 core symptoms: if the parties every day temper, insomnia, depression, low self-esteem, and this state lasted for more than two weeks; loss of interest or pleasure in the usual activities of interest; lack of energy or fatigue. In addition, if the condition is very serious, even thought there Dutch act Dutch act behavior, despite the negative state not to two weeks can be judged as depression. Generally speaking, most of the patients with depression have mild to moderate process, and a few people suffer from rapid onset." Yang Haichen said, if two weeks of symptoms did not improve, and there is an increasing trend, the best help the professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists). It is understood that, Shenzhen depression patients, to the hospital to receive formal treatment is only 9.76%, far below the 37.4% rate of visits in the United states. Yang Haichen said that depression is a disease, like the common cold, everyone may have, also like the cold, depression can be cured.

阿里巴巴深圳一员工因抑郁症出走 公司报案深圳新闻网讯日前,一位阿里深圳员工发帖晒出病历称自己患有抑郁症,并称“要趁自己没疯好好走了”。其贴出的病历显示,当地医院曾诊断其“中度抑郁发作”,“建议药物治疗联合心理治疗”,但本人“拒绝用药”。自曝“工作压力大”根据帖中叙述,此前该员工因与同事沟通不顺引发言语冲突,导致其情绪崩溃,并被送至医院。其后由于觉得原岗位比较繁忙,压力较大,在自己的要求下转岗至另一部门。但在新部门又感觉缺乏专业知识,经常失眠、害怕和情绪失控。目前该员工已被找到。据其同事透露,该员工发出网帖后,公司向警方报案、联系其亲属,并发动其同事展开全城搜索,10 个小时后该员工被同事找到并护送回家。阿里巴巴方面回应记者采访称:目前最重要的是帮助此员工走出心理难关,公司已联系相关专家。由于涉及员工个人隐私,不便透露更多信息。从网帖描述来看,该员工此前的岗位职责主要是与客户对接,接收客户投诉和解决客户问题,需要一定的心理适应和自我调整能力。抑郁症发病率高但易治愈据了解,抑郁症已成为世界第四大疾患,记者从深圳市康宁医院了解到,25~35岁的青壮年和60岁以上的老年人是抑郁症高发群体。如何判定自己患上抑郁症?康宁医院情感障碍科主任杨海晨对记者表示,很多人会把抑郁情绪和抑郁症混淆。抑郁情绪人人都会遇到,对于大多数人来说,这种负面情绪会在几天之内缓解。但是有以下3个核心症状:若当事人每天都郁郁寡欢、发脾气、失眠、自我评价低,且这种状态持续两周以上;对平时感兴趣的活动丧失兴趣或愉快感;精力不足或过度疲劳。另外,如果病情很重,出现自杀念头甚至自杀行为,尽管负面状态未到两周也可判定为抑郁症。“一般来说,大部分抑郁症患者的病情都有从轻度到中度的过程,也有少数人发病很快。”杨海晨说,如果持续两周出现抑郁症状不改善,且有日益加重的趋势,最好求助专业人士(心理咨询师、精神专科医生)。据了解,深圳市抑郁症患者中,到医院接受正规治疗的仅9.76%,远低于美国37.4%的就诊率。杨海晨表示,抑郁症是一种疾病,就像感冒一样,每个人都有可能患,同样也像感冒一样,抑郁症是可以治好的。相关的主题文章: