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Web-Development Slowly but steadily, Android is sneaking toward the number one spot on the smartphone market. BlackBerry has been losing its market to the, while iPhone"s rapid progress has been halted. While a vast majority of smartphones sold during the last year run on Android OS, the app market is still dominated by iOS. But during the last year Android application development has .e of age, and today there are almost 300,000 apps in the market. The best apps you can find on iPhone are now also available on Android. While a number of app makers used to optimize their app just for iPhone/iPad, they can no longer afford to ignore the growing number of Android users. Mentioned below are some of the best apps (in my opinion) Android launched this year. Sleep as a Droid Do you remember sleeping more than enough, but still getting up grumpy and unsatisfied? Do shattered remains of broken alarms lie under your bed? Do you feel that someone should tell the alarm clock to not start screaming just when your sleep is at its sweetest? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Sleep as a Droid is an app that should find a permanent place in your mobile. Sleep as a Droid is an alarm clock that tracks your sleep cycle and wakes you gently in the morning at a point of time when you are in light sleep! Foodspotting This is Android application development"s gift to foodies. It helps you to find a great restaurant based without relying on restaurant reviews. Using this app you can you can see photographs of best foods around you, you can find a particular food item that you are looking for and you can also look up a restaurant to check out what it"s got. But that"s not all""you can even share information and photographs regarding your dining experience and earn Expert badges by making quality contributions! Jajah Jajah is a great app for people who need to make frequent calls across borders and across platforms. Once you install this app, you can call anyone, and you will be charged at local calling rate. The best part of this app is that the person you call doesn"t need to have this app, and the call quality is usually reliable. Hound Do you dislike typing on your smartphone? Do you feel that it"s stupid to type on a smartphone? Well, once you download Hound, you will not need to type words in the search box to get answers (as long as its music you are looking for)! Hound is a voice search for music; all you need to do is speak the name of an artist or band and this app will get you instant access to songs, lyrics, videos, artist bios, tour dates, albums info and lots more. ATM Hunter This is one of the most useful apps to .e out of Android application development. ATMs usually don"t hide and prominent signs announce their presence. But when you are passing through an unknown neighborhood or travelling abroad, it can get really difficult to locate an ATM. This app uses GPS to show you all the ATMs around you at a particular time, and you can also find ATMs using any address or Airport location. Copyright2011 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: