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Andy: Zheng celic race new Olympic champion   Duan Yingying Wang Yafan out of the first round of sports — U.S. local time on August 29th, Zheng Saisai returned to the ball in the game. Xinhua News Agency reporter Bao Dandan photo to scan two-dimensional code to see more content in Beijing on 30 August,   (reporter Li Shuo) local time on August 29th, the last event — this year’s four Grand Slam U.S. Open tennis tournament in New York opened the curtain. On the first day of the 3 Chinese flowers played amazing, respectively, to defeat their opponents into the second round. Zheng Saisai is two straight sets victory over the Rio Olympic Games women’s singles champion, Puerto Rico’s Pylo, a great surprise. Zheng Saisai and the foreign coach at Wimbledon this year during the end of the cooperation, this would make her get rid of dependence on the coach, in training and competition in more independent thinking, her record is also on the rise, the first round of the Rio Olympics is Poland’s A radwanska eliminated?. Although the US Open the first round encounter new Olympic champion, but Zheng Saisai is not afraid, two people at a young age he has fought many times, also played doubles, have a better understanding of each other play. The beginning of the game, Pylo played the offensive advantage, once made 4 to 1 lead, Zheng Saisai is not impatient, but always adhere to their own style of play, with cutting upset opponents rhythm, determined to come to the net to put pressure on opponents, to grab two hair and put the ball tactics, constantly chasing points, with 6: 4 win the first set. Second Zheng Saisai under his first follow up a victory with hot pursuit, Puyiluona serve, Zheng Saisai even under 5, and eventually to 6 to 2 to win the game. Before the game did not consider too much, just want to enjoy the game. I’ve been trying to find her weaknesses and attack them." After the game, Zheng Saisai expressed his satisfaction with the implementation of their tactics, I did not follow her pace, with the change and the Internet so that she can not guess what I will play the next shot." Zheng Saisai will be in the second round against Ukraine K Bondarenko, she said, or to resolutely implement their own game plan, brave to fight. The other two China players Duan Yingying and Wang Yafan are the 3 round qualifying test into the race, fortunately did not encounter seed, two people are in good form are also in the race to play their respective level. Duan Yingying 6, 4, 4: 6 and 6: 3 beat Greece’s players, Sakari. Wang Yafan 6: 3,  : 6; 7 (4) defeated Belgium’s fan? Wuyiwanke, harvest the occupation career Grand Slam tournament wins first. "People’s Daily" (08 2016 31 August 23 Edition)     (extended reading; commissioning editor: Zhang Fan, Yang Lei)相关的主题文章: